Just a normal 18 years old German who enjoys writing stories with his girlfriend, making some music, playing a lot of RPGs, Touhou and Yu-Gi-Oh! and watching some Anime. Okay... i take that "normal" back.


Who is Harrolaxic?

Alright people, I think my first post belongs here so... I'll try to post something great.

So... I am Harrolaxic (what a stupid name actually), some random German who happened to get into Maker work. I am currently working on two german projects (which I won't name, since my german nickname is not the same as my nickname here) and one english project which is currently named "The Aether Project" (another stupid name!). It's some kind of pseudo-scifi with a future world and a fantasy-past thingie. But I don't wanna say too much about "The Aether Project", I've got enough time for that later.

I am into Maker working since 2011 or something when I started to do stuff with the RM2k3. It was quite fun but I never seemed to get a project at least half done. After some time I switched to the VX Ace and ported my german projects from the VX Ace to the MV just because I like the systems a lot more than the VX Ace ones. So I am using the RPG Maker MV for all of my projects. All 3. Well let's say 2 since the third isn't much. So just one unnamed german thing and "The Aether Project". I still have the curse of being unable to finish stuff, except for one little thing for some german contest. But all my other projects just lost their charme to me. Didn't happen for that german one. I am working on that for 3 years, so well... I like it. But that's not the point again, i am writing way too much.

I am much of the story and worldbuilding type. Together with my girlfriend who is really good in developing stories and kicking my butt if I have something which doesn't fit to the world I built, I made up a lot of stories (which got actually finished but not formed into a game sadly. But we could make a book out of our stories :D)

I thought, since I have one english project, I should sign up in an english community. Was first looking into the heaven but welp... everything's dead there. Sad cuz my first favorite english RM game (Feral Dreams) was released there. So now I am here. I hope you can get along with my semi-decent English. I am trying my best.

Cya on the boards,
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