Internet Blacklisting, Save the Internet!

We slowly move toward a Minority Report type future. Just waiting for them to propose "thought police".

Internet Blacklisting, Save the Internet!

Fuck it hasn't even been half a year since the last Canadian election and now we can't do shit about what's going on except hope the current checks work. Harper already wants to change our IP laws to reflect more of the US's and I don't think there's anything that can stop him now.

Amen to that. Giving him the majority was the worst thing our country has ever done.

Internet Blacklisting, Save the Internet!

And once again, corporations want to attempt to control what we can and can't do. I wish they'd just give up. -_-

Stupid stuff from your childhood that nobody else remembers

Haha, Power Stone. I actually managed to pick up the whole series on DVD right cheap from a second hand store.

What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Been playing:
Castle Crashers
Crimson Gem Saga
Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires

I need to get FFXIII. Badly.

Party Size

I prefer having a large number of party members to choose from when making my party. Around 8 or so is usually good for options. Battle wise, usually 4 or so is good.

Party Size

Oh, so your mean 1 OTHER than the main hero. I took it to mean 0 characters you control.

Culture of crass, apathy and cynicism

Good thing I've been brushing up on my engineering skills then :D

The Rare/Obscure RM Games Request Topic

Does anyone happen to have White Ties? It was one of the RMXP example games. The link for it in GW rare games topic is dead.
I second this, I've been searching for White Ties and it almost seems to have dropped off the face of the earth.

Spent the last 30 min looking for this. Haven't tested it out, but its the only working download I could find. Enjoy!

Stupid stuff from your childhood that nobody else remembers

Darkwing Duck. Nobody ever remembers this until I mention it. Kickass show.