The Fable of Gretel

This is a neat little game. It's very well done. Good work!

There are some bugs in the blue temple place where I hit a bush and I froze but other than that it's really cool.

Aaaand, I knew it. I've tried everything with this bug to no avail... as I've written in the readme, it has never occured to me. I honestly don't know what to do.

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It's in hiatus in this form. Don't worry, nothing is going down the drain. We'll make a new post when we'll have something more to say/show (it's going to be months from now, so be warned). But after all these years, you deserved to know something.

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@shayoko: I understand your concerns. Superuber alpha males with guns and lots of muscles are kinda everywhere. But Tilcare, our main character? He's a feather-weight. He's old. He's a magician. He loathes swords. Yes, he's male, but we tried going against the convention of his (ok, our, Mercury and me are both male) gender. He's male because we wanted to recall the archetype of the sage in the ivory tower, the Zarathustra, and the figure of a famous poet of Italian literature, Leopardi. Because of his past and the setting beyond his dream (we didn't write everything about the story) writing him as a woman would have against his character. For this reason there are many female characters in the story, it's almost a 50/50 split. Think of the cast as the one in Final Fantasy VI: Terra is the main character, but everyone is important.
By the way, and that's a first for us... we are Italian, not French. The Italian language is usually mistaken for Spanish, so we were a little surprised (and we are gonna translate the game!).


Live A Live has been a huge influence on me.
I'm trying to convince Mercury (the elusive mapper) to play it, to no avail XD.
And thanks!

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Woa, we really didn't expect this. Thanks XD


Well, it was a dragon in the original game.
You could say it's a statue of a really badass snake. ;)


They are from Terranigma. Actually, based on sprites from Terranigma.
The main characters are HEAVILY edited (and so are their poses). Something is custom, something comes from other sprites and then re-edited... stuff like that XD


-Mercury: Yahp, slightly edited from Alundra/ heavily edited regarding palettes. Thanks!

Pocket Quest! Review

My only gripe was that the game is apparently hard-graphics text in Portuguese

NB: The game is in Italian.
I know I'm nitpicking, but this sort of error happens all the time... it becomes kind of annoying after a while XD

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Thanks! We're having a kind of a pause here, it's exams time.
I could upload a mockup of the (default) battle system I'm working on, just to spice things up.
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