They are from Simulation RPG Tsukuru, for PSX.

Pocket Quest!

Uh, this seems good. Hi, Test!
/acting like I haven't already played it

Ad Quietem Postremam

@alterego: Thanks! I really like your project, it's a huge source of inspiration! And for the translation thing... we could still do it, traslating the messages it's not a big deal. It's the menu that scares me, but since I recently begun remaking it... we'll see.

@mellytan: Surprise! It's not vaporware. Ad Quietem had already been released at the time of that picture. But since it was full of bugs (we made it for a contest in under two months, and we tried to do too much in too little time), I am kind of ashamed of it. This time we are taking our time.


There is nothing custom in this map.
The rips are from Secret of Evermore, Treasure of Rudras and Alundra.


Thanks! Let me check... the floor is from Romacing Saga 3, the stairs and the walls from Seiken Densetsu 3, the houses from Astonishia Story, the stands are from REFMAP aaaand the flags were custom made. There are edits here and there.


They are custom made, and now actually a bit longer.
It was kind of tiring trying to center the sentences (and I got them wrong every single time).


You're the first one to know that! Not that anyone has ever tried to guess it. XD
And for the edits... they are part of my (small) graphical contribution to the project :)

Ad Quietem Postremam

All the praises for the mapping should be going to the mapper of the project, Mercury (who isn't registered on the site). I just "find the stuff" to work with. I'm a rips dealer. Sometimes he makes something of his own (like the creature in the screen with all the flesh, or the menu).

Ad Quietem Postremam

Sorry, I really messed up with the Css. In retrospect I shouldn't have tried changing stuff at random xd I can't change it now, I'm sorry you'll have to wait till I have access to a pc. Which is tomorrow. Thanks for the subscriptions, though!

Edit: ok, it should be allright, now.


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