Is there a way to delete (or at least edit) a pm that I've sent by mistake before the addressee opened it?
And by the way, how can I empty my mailbox and my "notices box?"
Thanks! :)

Problems with Windows 7

I didn't know where to post this, at it's not related at MAKING games, but at PLAYING them. Well, as it's related to games anyway, I hope that it will fit here.

I've been given a new computer lately...with Windows7 family Edition pre-installed. It replaced my old one, that had Windows XP Pro installed on it. All the RPG Maker games worked fine with that OS, even if VX and XP lagged so much.
This new comp is very powerful, but Windows7 doesn't like RMXP and RMVX games, though I have absolutely no problem with the RM2K and RM2K3 games.

When a setup program isincluded in the .zip file, the game can be installed, and most of the time can be played without any problem.
When there is none, when I try and run the game, I get the message "RGSS (or RGSS2) player stopped working" (I hope that I translated it fine)...a well known error message, isn't it?

First of all, I changed the parameters so that every game was executed in compatibility mode with Windows XP . No result.

I tried to switch out the DEP for the RTPs and RSS files I'd dowloaded, but it didn't work. So I had to. open every game file andun-active the DEP for any .exe file I could find there.
Some games worked, mostly RMVX ones, but others didn't.
I downloaded the RGSS3 file made by RPG Advocate, but got no result. I tried to:
- simply add it
- add it and remove the RGSS1 or 2
- when there were two or more different RGSS files, remove only one of them and replace it with the RGSS3 file.
No result at all this time, but I must admit that I was fed up and tried only for two games.

So here is the bilan:


Exit Fate
Fate's Defenders
The Serpents Eye

Not working:
Knight Templar
The New Earth
Last scenario, (made by SCF) ,Symphonic Rhapsody and Mists of Naladia, (made by Darkhalo) , 3 games that are not available here.


Not working:
Demon tower
Versus Xerxa
Visions and Voices

Magic quest Series
Power quest Demo
Rhukaat plus
staff of Cyrenia
The Cartographer
The Contract
Thief VX

The strangest fact is that during the two or three days after I got the comp, it was able to run "Visions and Voices" properly. Seems that one of the updates I got for Windows7 messed it all.

My post is rather long, but I wanted to give all the details, just in case.
I'm out of ideas, and merely getting mad!
Please help!

Moon calling Earth...

Hi there!
What about me?
I'm older than most of you, I think, though I'm an addict games player (mostly RPGs), and I have a son.
I couldn't live without reading, fantasy literature being my fav style since some years now.
My musical tastes are very various, including classic, but I don't like jazz a lot. Let's say that I'm an old Hard Rock - Heavy Metal otaku, if I may say so.
My posts are way too long, a bad habit of mine: I'm very talkative, maybe because I use to listen a lot to others in real life. I tend to tell my mind, but I try to not be too brutal...don't know if I succeed. Just tell me if you think that I go over the top.
In the beginning, I didn't dare to post, due to my shyness and my limited English. (and a somehow messed-up mind, I must add. :p)
Then I had to post asking for help or hints, and got kind answers.
Reading here and there, I noticed that a lot of people here look nice, that the discussions made sense and were interesting, and plucked up the courage
(erm...yes, I know...) to break it in on conversations.
Oh, yes, that again: as the title of this topic says, I tend to live out of real world. But I guess that I'm far to be the only one.

I used to be a constant member in a forum dedicated to a RM game series. I was even made a mod there. But the forum owners turned dictatorial, and I went away, swearing that I would never more be that much involved in any forum.
But this one seems to be very different.
Maybe I will stay, who knows? :P

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