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Resonate ~call out my an...
A girl and her newfound friends must grow a tree to return home.





After an epic fight between the gods and mortals, aided by minor deities, the land is finally a safe place to live.

Much destruction is to be found everywhere, but people are bonding together and working to rebuild their homes

and finally live free from the grip of the gods.

Except for Alma. She lost all that was most precious to her during the battle -- her friend, the one whom she 

felt a mysteriously powerful bond with, was now robbed from her on the cusp of their happiness. She willingly sacrificed

in order to serve as a vessel of the gods, and end The Endless War for once and for all. Alma -- and the rest

of the party -- could do nothing but watch as the glorious maiden aided by the powers of several gods deflected every

bolt flung at the world, and proceeded to bring judgement to the gods that wanted to reap humanity. She does not remember

much after that, as she woke up alone in a country far from her own, under the watch of a generous couple. 

Unknowing of where her beloved is, and haunted by visions of her disappearance, she is greeted by a tiny fairy which 

brings her a handful of strawberries - her favourite. This fairy claims to know where she is, though it is a secret

the fae can't have the luxury to spare. To be able to see her again -- and to rescue her -- the fairy proceeds to ask

several tasks to Alma, who does them promptly. Little does she know the tasks she does are the triggering steps to

unseal the Gate of the Gods, and resume The Endless War with the Æsir at a vantage point. She realizes at one point,

when she sees her actions indirectly killed several people at another location. Before much, she is branded as a criminal

and hunted by the few people competent enough to hunt what once was a great hero and saviour of the world. The circumstances take their toll on her, which becomes more and more sorrowful, and the fairy's continuously grimmer remarks

further echo her sense of hopelessness. Will she do the Final Task to reunite once again with the woman she loves?

Will she resist the fairy and not give in to her talk?

-> If she does The Final Task:

The Gate of the Gods is open, which serves as the standard final dungeon, and at the end she is greeted by her beloved,

which proceeds to cry and question why she did this. She loved her and the world, and she only did what she did to protect those whom she loved -- now all that was ruined by Alma! The final battle proceeds as the now Goddess is forced

to bring punishment to the one she loved the most, and so in tears she unleashes her erasure to completely obliterate Alma. ( winning / losing brings different endings)

-> If she does not do The Final Task (a hard ending to get, as you need to witness certain cutscenes in order to unlock her suspiciousness of the Fairy) the fairy herself reveals her true form -- she is in fact Loki, in his final attempt to reverse the War and triumph over both humanity and the gods. Realizing Loki's awakening, her beloved quickly comes to her protection and lends her power to seal Loki away with the other gods.
 After the true final battle and sealing Loki, the two of them find themselves in an ethereal room in a real that is not the human realm nor the realm of the gods -- and exchange their first and only kiss between words of love and kindness, Alma realizes that she isn't alone, and her love lives together with her reigning above the skies as the new guardian that brings the world peace.

Holy fuck that was big.




The game will have the player have a party of three characters, being Alma and two underlings summoned by the Fairy to aid her. (either that or Alma, the fairy herself and an underling forever loyal to the fairy, whose identity as inhuman the fairy tries to hide.)

Characters have Skills which are fixed to them and echo their character / battle role, and learn Magic by consuming Tomes (which also increases magical stats)

Tomes can be sold in shops or dropped by enemies. Alternately, instead of consuming the tomes, they could simply be equipped to the character.

The fairy and underlings will not be present in the final battle of any of the endings. 


Mapping / Setting


A ruined world trying to rebuild itself. The initial town in particular is a snowy place.




Ehhh... I don't know what to write here... Ummm... But yeah, character portraits, in battle portraits and illustrations for key scenes.