Red Book: Discordia Tales

No jumpscares right...right <scare face>

Red Book: Discordia Tales

Ahh um, where do the Lost Key and Winding Key go? :'D
Winding key is for the clock. you need to wind it.

Midnight Rendezvous

Why is the tumblr page down?

Red Book: Discordia Tales

it says unable to find VL Gothic font

I think it has to do with the VX ACE RTP
go to the RGSS3 Folder and install the VL Gothic Font.

Red Book: Discordia Tales

It's nice to meet you, dev.

I just wanted to ask something.
Does this game contain exceedingly loud sound fx? There's a number of games i can think of that literally blows your fucking speakers with extremely high death screams/monster attack sounds.

Hi there, BlueNinjNeko

I tested my game for about a year and I always use speakers also
just set your volume to moderate and that would be fine.
monster sounds only happens on chase scenes with background music.
so its not screeching to much. and I guess I only used one death scream.
I made a warning and attention guide as a part of the introduction
Sound may add as hints for the puzzle
Just dont go max volume.

Red Book: Discordia Tales Review

Thanks for the review!
glad you enjoyed it. :)
me as the developer wasnt also happy about the ending LMAO
i just made it like that. so I can leave it to be more mysterious and self explanatory making it rushed. This review will help me improve on my upcoming game
again Thank you again Chivi-chivik! much appreciated.

Red Book: Discordia Tales

And so Kaze finally adds his game to rpg maker net tooWelcome to harshfeedback.net Kaze :)

haha you cant please everybody...
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