MGL: The Final Stretch + New trailer!

I'm surprised you were able to get this going, but I'm a sucker for JRPGS and Magical Girls ingeneral plus I love the trailer music.

[RMVX Ace] Looking for a few good team members!

I do agree with NTC3 on what he stated, there are other multiple issues with trying to make this series commercial. From characters to story. I love LAW and when I was many years younger (in 20s now) I liked Lavia, but now as I'm older I find her kind of insufferable. According to the comments it seems most others and myself are bored at the part of the game where you control her for 2 hours it seems to be the least favorable part of LAW and was the slowest for sure. Also while I know the work and many years you put into LAW I don't feel like people would jump to donate on kickstarter for something they wont like. Considering I don't think anyone would donate especially if they don't know the game nor like the character (especially consider the RMVX games on Steam are a max price of $2. I can't think of many or any of the more loved games on here that would stand a chance on kickstarter our indegogo.
Focusing on the least favorable character from what we see in LAW I don't think would be way to go game wise. Good luck.


You have really turned this into something impressive from the first dreadful game, I had always wanted to see something like this from the rumored 3d version of Idunn Ymiraldor.

Looking for testers

I can test it, as I once did before.
I thought you had abandoned this due to you dissapearing for a while. I'm glad to see you did not.

Edit: As long as it goes past chapter 4


The artwork is beautiful as always however I prefer the way Reirei18 draws her. Though I dislike Lavie, it's weird only speaking from expierence but when I was a kid and played LAW from the very first release I liked and felt kind of sad for her now that I'm older she irritates me so much.


What Videogames Are You Playing Right Now?

Alice:Madness Returns (near finished)
Current MMO Shuffle
Killing Floor (never ends)
Divnity:Dragon Commander
League Of Legends (long struggle of finally hitting Diamond baby)
and Melty Blood Act Cadenza during League Of Legends que times.

[Poll] Games not being completed like expected!

The game I spent 3 years on mainly from scriptand devloping the characters I recently cancelled before releasing the demo which was done because of the things I wanted to do are beyond me and will take up way more time than I want. I did start another one recently one that is so much less. Also there is the I want it to be done but don't want to spend the time finishing it issue.
My current one will probally be finished or at least see 2 demos since it'll be way easier to pull off.

[Poll] Do you think RM2K/3 will ever die off completely?

Very unlikely.

Did you like the movie "Man Of Steel" **CONTAINS SPOILERS**

It was not great, while other movie reboots are great Spiderman and X-Men in example this is just the example of how bad D.C. is when it comes to live actions movies. With the exception of the first 2 Batman films (some people like Watchmen some hate it) which were also littered with problems D.C. need to steer clear of live action because they apparently have no idea how to bring it together succesfully (Green Lantern).
Here is the problem with Man Of Steel. It's forgettable, the problem that so many people have with it is when Superman kills Zodd, I don't have a problem with that I had a problem with how it was handled it is just glanced over and forgotten. When I was done watching it while other movies even bad ones stick with you Man Of Steel boils down to being completely forgettable. The animated movies are pretty good, they should stick that because they do those correctly at least.
On the film entirely it was worse than Kick-Ass 2 but way more forgettable and Kick Ass 2 was only memorable because of Christopher Mintz-Plassel.
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