Good point. I will add more details to this map. Have you actually tried the demo?


As the character speaking is referring to identification and not Sigmund Freud's model of personality I feel confident that either would be correct.

Long Gone Days

This looks amazing. And who doesn't like dystopian literature?

Adventure and Mystery games. What we like and don't like.

I've thought much about what I love about adventure games:

The sense of being transported somewhere else. Being able to explore this other world. Finding all the little details, things that can be examined or used in ways that may not advance the game but provide entertainment.

It was the dialogue trees in Monkey Island 2 that initially made me a fan of adventure games. The sense that I could make my character say what I wanted and there would be an intelligent response seemed magical.

Having a good story that you feel like you are participating in. This is probably what I really love most in games. The sense of immersion in a story that games can potentially provide that (to me at least) go beyond books or movies.

Notice that what many consider the core gameplay mechanic, the puzzles, doesn't really come into it. I think many developers have come to the same conclusion. Most new adventure games either tone the puzzles down and make them very easy or cut them completely. I mostly agree with that approach, although I do think it's important to make up for the cut-down puzzles with more "interactivity:" stuff you can play around with and things you can discover.

Steam Transactions

Shocked. Until I saw the date.

Mars Underground

Hey thanks. What about lighting effects do you feel clashes with the style of graphics?

[Review Request]

Name: Mars Underground
Status: Demo
Genre: Adventure
Estimated length: 1 hour
Small description:
Mars has just moved to a new city with his family. It's his first day at a new school.
Except every day is his first day at a new school.
Every morning Mars wakes up and relives the same day.
Every night the world ends.
Special requests: Extra cheese, a bucket of ice and a parade of dancing unicorns.


Ha, thanks everyone.


Thanks again. Sorry if I'm being dense, but could you elaborate on the alignment issue?
Thanks for the font recommendation, I'll go check it out. As the game contains a lot of text I have been debating with myself if I should use a high res font for better readability or use a pixel font that suits the graphics.


Thanks. I'm trying to offset the old school pixel art style with more modern effects. The maps are definitely works in progress, a few more trees could be a good idea.
Old School Modern has some great art, it's served as inspiration for my game.
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