I'm a novice at using RPG Maker
I'm a fan of RPG's like Final Fantasy:6,4,8,10 and Mystic Quest. There's also Lufia and the Fortress of Doom, Chrono Trigger/Cross and more.
Lufia Trinity
A Lufia game that takes place during an age when the Sinistrals are forgotten



Lufia VI:Echoes of Estoland

I have been doing some work on the project. Now that I'm more experienced with the 2003 engine, I may start making remaking lots of things that were cluttered before such as the mapping and battle system.Otherwise, everything is going great! I want to release a demo, but the game is a mess right now with lots of test areas, and learning examples.

The IP system and character swtich system are my biggest problems though. I want to make it so that when you get hit, you receive IP and when you switch characters out, you can switch them back only. I wish the Lufia creators here could all collaborate and make a Lufia Maker engine in RPG maker 2003 that combines everything in the series.

That way, we have a default engine to use for Lufia games and all the creator had to do was make it their own by customization. I'll give a progress report soon also.

Wow! I just read this comment and a Lufia rmrk 2003 default engine does sound interesting. You know with the sprites,chipsets, and MIDI files.
You know, maybe I'll just make a folder with what I have in there. Maybe I can put it up for download since I'm through with it anyway, I can share :)


Im going with it what do you guys think?


I'd say maybe 10% at the most. Too many things has to be worked out


It may be a lot more work, but its not impossible...




I agree. Im really considering using it. I also hoped that the Dusk and Sunset colors looked good too.

Macalania Woods/Phantom Forest

The forests are beautiful. Im a sucker for forests. :)

Well friends, I have my pizza, now I'll work on this game til midnight

Well friends, I have my pizza, now I'll work on this game til midnight

Yeah, it sure was

So much for putting our heads together, I'm the one that's doing all the thinking.....