I'm a novice at using RPG Maker
I'm a fan of RPG's like Final Fantasy:6,4,8,10 and Mystic Quest. There's also Lufia and the Fortress of Doom, Chrono Trigger/Cross and more.
Lufia Trinity
A Lufia game that takes place during an age when the Sinistrals are forgotten



Recruitment, Aeons Expanded, and Other Updates

I always liked the idea of fighting summons that you can never have :)

New Final Fantasy Dissidia 014 Logo

Very nice, good work

The Truth and a new beginning

Sorry to hear that bro.
Well, flash-drive problems cant be helped. Back in May, my RPG files on my flash drive could no longer be read.
My computer and my friend's computer couldn't find them so it happens.
I'd say go for it with the Lufia Maker thing.

Macalania Woods/Phantom Forest

The forests are beautiful. Im a sucker for forests. :)

Question: Continue Echoes of the Past or change the focus?

Ooooh, that's a tough one. Well put FF Echoes on hold for 1 month and work on your other one to see how you feel. It's very hard to do both at once. But this way you won't be abandoning 1 for the other. This could be good, especially if you're passionate about both of them.

Well that's just how I feel and that's what I'd do if I were in that position.


It just has to be interesting. That's what I think anyway

Choices, Choices Everywhere. Also: Recruiting

Each class has many abilites, FF Tactics has an expanded list for them. That's where I always turn to when I want to expand on a class. As for sidequest, I'd be happy to help

"Worlds Collide"

The free switch feature sounds pretty awesome. It reminds me of Kingdom Hearts 3D.
I say "go for it"

A new chapter. A new and yet familar world

A new chapter. A new and yet familar world

I just didn't want to set a date. But at the same time I didn't want to lie, but know that I am workin on this almost everyday :) Besides anything could happen like a computer crash or something. I just thought that it would be better if anyone who was interested knew that the game was always being worked on.

What's above isn't important anymore, I was gonna put more information out but then I realized that I could just add more to the blog
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