I'm just a guy who likes creating things. Currently trying to blindly make his first video game. Member of the Sugary Sweet Machines.

The Endless Empty
A surreal post-life adventure.



The Endless Empty Review

Thank you for the review

The Endless Empty Review

I may be a fucker, but brilliant I doubt it.

Anyway, thank you so much for the thoughtful and well written review!

The Endless Empty

No problem, I’m glad to hear you are still enjoying the game.

The Endless Empty

Hi VonSmore, sorry for the delay, I don't check this website as much as I did before.

Staying as the nothing is a bit more complex. I'll put together a guide below.

To stay as the nothing the goal is to reject anything that will turn you into any of the other characters.

1. While getting your resume mix your answer between both businessman and punk choices for example answer Shadows, Report to Management, Kick
2. Tell the boss Safety is what is wanted by a capitalist society.
3. Get eye drops from the crows and give it to the eye in the desert.
4. Go into the secret cave and find the note on the body. Use this note and the sliding faces in the Museum to answer the door code. (Do not sell the crystal dust to the owner or break into his office)
5. Solve the effigy puzzle left to right B, 13, A, M
6. When entering the limo the first time answer A Rose, Two Angels, A Conversation, #2

During Chapter two you should

1. at the bar click on the drink and refuse to try it.
2. During the coloring book puzzle, follow the words in the book not the colors
3. 3. When creation asks why are you here answer: To find a way out
4. The second time you enter the limo the star symbol should now be unlocked, click on it

During Chapter three you should

1. Answer anything but the mathematically correct answers during the Sphinx's quiz
2. On the computer select the star icon
3. When creating a memory with Logic have both anxiety and creation add the same amount of drops
4. Third limo trip answer: content

During Chapter four you should

1. When asked by the reptile farmer Do you think what I'm doing is wrong? answer: NO
2. Select Refuse both times Anger asks you who to shoot.
3. Final limo trip answer: No

That should be it, if everything goes correctly you should unlock an ending outside the normal five featuring Starr.

The Endless Empty

Thanks for reporting the issue. Sounds like a switch not turning on properly I’ll see what I can do to fix it.

The Endless Empty

I just watched your video. I really appreciate your thoughtful comments and critiques at the end.

The Endless Empty

Cool, I put up some designs like this in the store.

May take a bit for them to show up.

The Endless Empty

Would you be okay with the sprites sitting on a white background? On zazzle I can only do circle or square pins, I can't make it fit to the character's shape.

The Endless Empty

I have a storefront on Zazzle open now:

I included stickers and pins like you asked.

The Endless Empty


I have never used those sites before so I didn't know how it worked. I'll check them out and let you know if I put any merch up.

Also link me to your YT live-play when it is done :)

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