Legion Saga X - Episode One: The Children of Prophecy

I hope you do it, tried to do a remake with ace of the Legion Saga 1 but with my daughter and university, kind of not have time

I'll follow your game

Legion Saga Ace Sneakpeak Demo

Well i'm trying to make it as the original
It is more about the story for fans in my opinion
And nostalgia

Legion Saga Ace Sneakpeak Demo

Ohh didnt take as an offense.
Even if people would insult me for this, I would make to play it myself at the end.
I love doing that :p
If anyone else as advice, ressource change they want to mention tell me.
I consider everything.

Legion Saga Ace Sneakpeak Demo

http://rpgmaker.net/forums/topics/11810/Hey could you at the very least use these? I will... spare the grampa talk.

Sure, that's awesome to have this charset.
I'm going to change it right away :p
At least i'm not that far away from the sneak peak demo.

Thanks Darken

Legion Saga Ace Sneakpeak Demo

author=Max McGee
So this is an authorized clone of a unanuthorized clone of a Suikoden game, right?

This is getting decidedly meta.

This may be for you... It's still a game that gave me the will to do some rpg makers game.

Legion Saga Ace Sneakpeak Demo

Don't be shy to try the sneak peak demo. I want opinions to know if I should do it
like this or another way. Basically it's our remake because we did pass good time playing it few years ago.

Looking Back: Legion Saga Series

If anybody is interested, i'm remaking Legion Saga 1 with rpgvxace
Few years ago I asked Kamau if i could do it for my fun purpose.
Never done it but now it's different.
I did change a little bit of text.

All credits goes for Kamau


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