Twilight Memoria : Sun a...
JRPG game where you play as two kids living their daily life in the setting of fantasy full of monsters.



Hi There ^^ Lumi here

You already have a gamepage for the game you linked here. Which would be the proper venue for game announcements on this site.

That note aside, welcome to RMN! Share your creativity with us!

Thank you
I play a lot of RPG Maker games back then when still in school maybe now I am prepared to develop one or two too ^^

Hi There ^^ Lumi here

Hi there, it's Luminous or Lumisensei here.

I am the part on game development of Twilight Memoria
I've been so long in here but never have an account and be a silent reader and player of RPG maker games ^^
I want to come deeper into the community long ago, but my introvert always keeps me out, lol. Finally, when we release our games has arrived, I decided to create an account to share my games here. It's still a commercial game, but we will make free games for fun too.

I hope you enjoy it, thank you very much ^^

Here is link to our game
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