Maja's Wish Review

Sorry for the late reply. XD
Thank you for your kind review. I think it's very helpful and fair.

I was surprised as well that my protagonist turned out that young. XD Originally he was supposed to be a bit older, but when I decided on the last part of the game I realized I had to make him younger to make his actions more believable. So I decided to park his age somewhere on the border between teenager and child. And he was absolutely supposed to come of as a bit bratty and spoiled at the start so that he had room to grow later.

I originally wanted to tell a longer story with more cutscenes and story beats but about halfway through the gamemaking event I noticed I wasn't going to finish a game of that size in time and cut everything back down to the barebones, story, gameplay, maps, everything. Because of that character interactions suffered and I only focused on developing the protagonist a bit. Since you liked the ending that part seems to have worked out well. But I didn't notice poor Maja falling to the wayside in the process which I agree is a problem.

Because this was the first mystery I constructed I didn't try to be too clever with it and just used some of my favorite mystery tropes because I had always wanted to use them in a story myself once. But I probably overdid it a bit and made the story way too predictable. XD I don't regret it though, it was fun.

Anyway, I'll keep your points in mind for when I make my next game and will think a bit about how I can improve character and story depth then.
Thanks again for the review. :D

Flowers of the Valley Review

Thank you for the review and for playing all the way through :D I'm glad you liked the story and that you apparently found a lot of the optional stuff, too. It sounds like atmosphere and gameplay balance worked out the way I was hoping for so I'm very happy.
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