[RMVX] [RMVX ACE] Anonymous Agony Dev Jobs

Hello, I am the lead developer for Anonymous Agony. I am looking to hire help for the release of our future episodes.
I am looking for co-eventers and Co-mappers. A scripter for about 5 systems and most importantly now someone who can assist with Steamworks and handle the uploading and patching in of Achievements. These are paid jobs, and I would prefer to focus on main development, writing and audio enginerring than learn anything new at this point.

Payment varies between jobs, and on top of upfront payment royalty payment will also be awarded.
Our first release sold around 2000 copies to date and you can see it's first episode released here -

We abandoned the episodic release so the next release will be the full game with the current release becoming a free demo at a later date. I am offering free Steam Keys to applicants so they can decide if they want to work on the project.

Thank you guys, please ask any questions here or through PM

[RMVX ACE] Hiring VX Ace scripter for menus (PAID)

I am in need of about 3 scripts.

I am willing to pay $100-$150 per script.

The first is a cell phone system.

With buttons linking to common events.

Also with the ability to receive text messages through a script call.

The second is an instant messenger contacts page.

With the menu also being common events.

These said common events will be contacts.

I have all the graphic material made. I would like the "online" "offline" status changeable with a switch.

The final thing is a simulated PC desktop.

Or a mouse script thst can activate events by clicking them.

I'd like there to be an email option similar to the texts.

Again all the graphics are made so just need the rest.

Payment upfront

Selling myself as a scene eventer and story writer!

And by selling I mean free. I just want side projects yo!

I wrote and evented the above short! Just for something to show.

We need some new members for two deep in development games!

Anonymous Agony, and Divided Infinity(currently pending here, up elsewhere) are games that have all or most of their material completed, but putting it all together is killer on time. We're a functional active team but we need more folks, we make work calls fun and fruitful!

So have a look at our two games! They're complete with design documents and solid plans we're following, but you'll see that pretty clearly once you're in the doors.

Help please! We have snacks.

So, I'm sitting on a complete game and - Serial Key Systems!?

We just finished work on one of our commercial games, and all the complicated stuff aside, the one thing we can't find is a serial key system that works.
Or some similar anti-casual-piracy program!

Can anyone shed some knowledge on my ignorant publishing mind?
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