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[RM2K3 PATCH] PicsInBattle/PicPointers (for v1.11)

Update: The Pic Pointer Patch had a bug where it was incompatible with "move picture". Kind of a big problem! It has been fixed now, but needs to be downloaded and re-applied to projects.

Hi. I noticed a lack of support for some of the demanded features in the official version of RPG Maker 2003. I haven't seen Cherry around for a long time, so I went ahead and adapted his original PicsInBattle and PicPointer patches to work with the latest official version (1.11). Absolutely don't use them with RPG Advocate's unofficial release, I guarantee 100% they will eviscerate your runtime, and might even set your project folder/house on fire.

So what exactly are the possibilities here? Well, you can do some cool things like this:

Or make your custom menu system much more hassle-free.

Disclaimer(s): Both patches should be completely functional, but I'm not nearly as familiar with the RPG_RT binary as Cherry is. I've done minimal testing in order to ensure they work properly, and hope some brave souls here will be willing to take up the task of evaluating them further. Use at your own risk, and if something breaks, blame yourself, or god.

Pics In Battle Patch:
Main download:
Backup link:

Pic Pointer Patch LITE:
Updated 09/05/16
Main download:
Backup link:

There also shouldn't be any legal issues if you want to use the patches in your project, but because this is somewhat of a test-run, I haven't registered either of them with Enterbrain. I'm not even sure if that's required or not. If the patches work and you love them, please give all your credit to Cherry.

The readme files explains how each patch is used, and in fact they are (mostly) identical to Cherry's originals, which can be found here:

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