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Experienced Music Composer for hire!

Hey ModalModule,

Are your services still available?

I've been working on a big project for awhile, and it's nowhere near finished yet, but it would be pretty swell to start music production, as it would be one less thing to worry about.

All of your samples on bandcamp sound great.

How flexible would you be with payment? Because, as of this writing, I'm pretty strapped, but that doesn't mean that some sort of budget can't be secured eventually. I would hate not to pay an artist for their work, I know how that goes.

Please let me know what's up!

[Poll] Important Character Data - Need Your Help!

thanks so much for all of the feedback, folks!

[Poll] Important Character Data - Need Your Help!

hah hah, i didn't think about the similarities.

I should tattoo his chest with DIE BART DIE

[Poll] Important Character Data - Need Your Help!

Thanks, everyone, for the all of the feedback!

[Poll] Important Character Data - Need Your Help!

Thanks, appreciate all feedback.

[Poll] Important Character Data - Need Your Help!

Ah! Sorry about that, I haven't posted much, so I'm less adept at this stuff. Can I edit the poll to change that?

[Poll] Important Character Data - Need Your Help!

Hey everyone, for the project I'm working on I have too many characters, so I'm in the process of pruning and would love some help.

Above are of a collection of 9 finished models that I would like to reduce to 4.

Gimme a hand and vote for your 4 favorites!


[RMVX ACE] Gameplay Healing Skill Advice! - All Advice Welcome!

@Zeelo - sorry, didn't mean Selchar, but Kread-EX, prolific scripter.


Sorry, though. Right now his DL links seem to be down, but someone can probably shoot you a duplicate. It works well with Selchar's item charges and recharge scene scripts, which i would recommend as supplements.

@Terozu - yeah, after immense troubleshooting with various scripts and ideas, I can't really find anything that covers the exact concept perfectly. With custom costs for skills through the yanfly script, even though you can see the cost of the skill, there's no obvious way to also list the number of items left, and worse, the consumption of the items doesn't happen until actual turn processing, therefore several characters could use the skill, and if you only had one usage left (or consumable fuel whatever), one character would perform the action, whereas the others would simply lose their turn.

I tried messing around with Estriole's excellent suikoden rune system, but even that has proved to be a tad problematic.

I don't know. For now, yeah, I've sort of admitted defeat and chosen to use TP, which is fine. But, the situation is that creating heal skills that can't be used outside of battle is a seemingly pointless endeavor, as most of the healing in any traditional turn-based RPG takes place outside of combat.

That Suikoden rune script is pretty appealing, though.

@Marrend - that code snippet is snazzy. As an much more informed individual than I, do you know if there's a similar method for such a thing that could bind the potions to a unique battle command?

Thanks for your input, friends!

[RMVX ACE] Gameplay Healing Skill Advice! - All Advice Welcome!

It's a turn-based RPG. If you've ever played Paladin's Quest (or Lennus) for the SNES, what I would like to do is along those lines: healing items are difficult to come by, as you said, and each one has about 10-15 uses before it must be refilled (a potion, now the bottle is empty). I always appreciated the mechanic, thought it was fun in a limiting way.

[RMVX ACE] Gameplay Healing Skill Advice! - All Advice Welcome!

In a project I've been working on for awhile, I'm trying to create a sort of different idea when it comes to healing abilities. My goal is for no one character to be a healer, as there are no healing skills, but rather all healing abilities are relegated to item usage. This way, all character can conceivably be healers, should the need arise.

Obviously, this needs some serious restrictions.

I would love all of the advice I can get on this matter.

My first idea was to have a Suikoden style item system using Selchar's actor inventory, combined with Tsukihime's instance items, with item charges and item recharges. The first problem I encounter with this: the idea is to have 3 classes of items (1. healing, (2. support, (3. basic damage dealing. I've created a custom equip slot for all three. But the problem is that, within these scripts, all consumable items are treated the same, therefore separating them into unique classes seems impossible without script tinkering. I'm not qualified to do that, to put it lightly. Also, for the rest of the design of the game having instance items would no be preferable.

The second was to bypass this concept and instead, create unique classes for accessories, like a really simplified materia sort of thing, where you equip something like HEAL ORB, and while it's equipped, have the skill HEAL (just an example). Again, issues arise with this, too. Under the current designs, the physical characters have no MP, so I don't want these skills to consume MP. My first idea was to do cooldowns, like HEAL can be used, but then takes another few turns before it can used again, which I think would be a good balancing idea. But the biggest issue with this is not being able to use these abilities outside of battle, otherwise it's far too exploitable (can't do cooldowns this way, infinite usage). Outside of battle is traditionally where most healing will occur.

This was more convoluted. The same as above, but instead of cooldowns, the skills would consume items. Some sort of ammunition, so to speak, for the skill to work, once the accessory is equipped. Of course, this is a lot of extra trouble to force on the player, and it's sloppy. In the Yanfly Custom Skill Costs, a skill can consume items, and that's doable even without a script, but what is seemingly undoable is the ability to view the number of items left in the inventory per skill. Wouldn't want to force the player to guess. Also, it's inconvenient for the player, for sure.

The basic idea here, to reiterate, is to create a healing system where unique objects are used for healing, require a specific number of uses before being recharge, like a permanent potion.

So, which of these concepts seem the most appealing? And certainly, if you have a better idea, I'd love to hear it.

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