[RM2K3] [RM2K] When does the text box portrait get cleared?

If you use the event command to set a portrait for the text box, you might intuitively expect it to stick around forever, or at least until you change it. But it doesn't; at some point it gets cleared automatically.

This seems to happen either at the start of an event script or at the end of an event script, and I've been running tests trying to figure out what the rule is, but I can't come up with any consistent rule, especially when I start doing things like running two scripts that show text boxes in two parallel process scripts at once, or running a parallel process script that doesn't show any text at all, and doesn't end up resetting the portrait either when it starts or when it ends.

Does anyone know what the rule is for this?

[RMVX ACE] [SCRIPTING] What causes an event script to abort when its event changes pages?

(This was originally posted as a 2k question, but someone suggested looking at the VX Ace implementation, and I discovered the behavior is the same. Unfortunately, I can't find the reason for it! I'm trying to reverse-engineer a particularly annoying discrepancy, and any help tracking down what's going on would be greatly appreciated.)

I've got two scenarios here with what seems to be contradictory behavior, and I'm trying to figure out how it works.


Two events on the map. One is a parallel process, that looks like this:

Page 1:
Conditions: none
Play SFX(whatever)
Loop End

Page 2:
Conditions: Switch 1 is ON
Script: none

The second is an object that's activated on player touch, that turns Switch 1 on. When I activate this event, the sound loop stops playing, suggesting that when the active page on the second event changed, it aborted the script it was currently playing. So far, so good.

Second scenario:

Two maps. First map has an event on it that activates on player touch.

Page 1:
Conditions: none
Set Switch 1 ON
Screen Tint: Sepia (60 frames)
Teleport to Map 2
Image: some image

Page 2:
Conditions: Switch 1 is ON
Script: none
Image: none

When you hit the event, it vanishes immediately, showing that the active page changed right away. And yet, after the fade, the teleport takes place, which means that the script did not abort when the active page changed.

I can't find anything in the code to account for this discrepancy. The implementation of the Screen Tint command (command_223 in Game_Interpreter) calls the same wait() method that the Wait command (command_230) does, and there's nothing particularly special in the implementation of the loop (command_112 and command_413).

Does anyone know what it is that causes a script in progress to abort in some cases but not others when the event it's on changes its active page?

[RM2K] [SCRIPTING] What causes an event script in progress to cancel and change pages?

I've seen an event where the page 1 script is contained in an infinite LOOP with no BREAK anywhere. But when the conditions for page 2 are fulfilled, the event switches to page 2 and the infinite loop aborts.

I've also seen an event with 2 pages that ends like this:

Change switch ON
Set Screen Tone (R: 0, G: 0, B: 0, S:100,) 5 sec (W)

That change switch command changes the active page of the event containing this script, which I'd expect to mean it should abort it, and yet the teleport still fires successfully.

Does anyone know what the rule is about changing pages causing currently-running scripts to abort?

Magical Girl Lavie

Many of you are probably familiar with Admiral Styles's classic RM2K game Love & War. (And if not, you owe it to yourself to check it out. It's great!) Well, there's good news: after several years, the Admiral is getting back into RPG making, building a new game called Magical Girl Lavie.

As you might imagine from the name, it focuses on Lavie, one of the protagonists of Love & War, on an adventure that turns her into an anime-style Magical Girl princess of an enchanted kingdom. As great of a departure as that is from the normal subject matter of Love & War, the Admiral has said that this is canonical to the Love & War storyline and will not be "it was all a dream".

Anyway, he's running an Indiegogo campaign to fund development, and it hasn't received nearly enough attention, so I thought I'd ask here. Everyone please check out the project, play Love & War if you haven't already, and then (hopefully!) contribute to the further development of the series, because a lot of us have been waiting a long time for more Love & War!

How do you collaborate on a project?

Every time I've tried to work together with a team on a RPG Maker project, we've run into difficulties in one particular area: sharing changes.

If I add a new map, I need to send everyone the new map file, but I also have to change the map tree file and send it to everyone. But if someone else added a new map at the same time, they can't accept the map tree file from me, because it will stomp their changes, so adding new maps becomes a big effort in coordinating changes between everyone involved. Same goes for database changes.

In "real" programming, this has been a solved problem for decades: you set up a source control server that's able to track and merge changes from different project members and it magically takes care of 90% of it automatically, and the last 10% just requires a team member to review the merge process and make sure nothing broke too badly. The problem is, because of the way source control functions, all that magic only works on source code, specifically, on text.

Every RPG Maker version so far has used non-text source files for its maps and databases. SMBX uses text files, but its format is undocumented and unstructured enough that a user would have a great deal of difficulty tracking changes if he had to review things to try to resolve a merge conflict.

Does the RPG Maker community have any established practices for making collaboration easier when you can't use source control effectively?

Didn't there used to be a BOF2 remake project on here?

A few years back, I saw a project on here for the RMXP engine that was supposed to be an attempt to make a full remake of Breath of Fire 2, with some enhancements. It seemed to be fairly far along. I thought about it recently and went looking, searching through the site a few different ways, but I couldn't find it. Does anyone remember the project I'm talking about, and know where it is?

[RM2K3] RTP Converter

It's great that Enterbrain recently released an official version of RPG Maker 2003. But over the course of 12 years, a lot of games have been made with the unofficial English translation, and Enterbrain's version changed the names of a lot of files in the RTP. This means that anyone who wants to use the new version, whose project uses RTP resources, has to go through and update everything, or their project will break. Obviously, for a large project, this can be a prohibitively difficult task. File references can be hidden in all sorts of places, including inside event scripts!

So I created a tool to help with that transition. It reads the project file formats, examines file references throughout the project, and when it finds matches to the unofficial translation's RTP filenames, it automatically updates them and saves your file.

Check it out here, and be sure to read the warning, just in case.

[RMXP] Project scanner

Remember the Event Search command in RM2K3 that would search through your whole project and find references to things? That's not around anymore, sadly, so I'm building a simple tool that will scan your project for specific references. It's still a work in progress, because I'm decoding stuff as I go along, but so far it supports searching for Add Item (where does your party get a MacGuffin added to their inventory?), Set Variable (how does the MacGuffin quest progression go again?), and Teleport To Map (how do I get to the MacGuffin Tomb?) commands. More will be added as time goes by.

It's useful for developers trying to quickly make sense of logic spread across a few hundred maps, or for frustrated players who can't make heads or tails of the quest they're on. (As long as the player has the project source and a copy of RMXP, of course; the data it comes up with is useless without the editor.)

I've posted it over at so have a look and let me know what you think. :)

[VX Ace] [RGSS3] Drawing onto the screen

Is there any way to draw on the screen directly? I'm trying to draw an overlay directly on the ground, so that it will be on top of the terrain but below the player and the events on the map. I tried using a Plane, and I can get it to draw what I want, but unfortunately no matter how high or low I set the Plane's Z value, it always draws above the player and the events. (This seems quite strange, since the documentation says the Plane class is for background images.)

So I'm probably doing something wrong. How do I do it right? Is there any way to draw an overlay directly over the map terrain?

Seeking testers for TURBU

I've spent the last few months hard at work on finally finishing up the TURBU engine, which is intended to be able to import any RM2K or RM2K3 game and improve on its capabilities. I've got a basic editor in place, and almost all of the script commands are implemented now. But what I need is for people to test it and find any problems I might have missed.

If a few of you could download it, import your favorite RPG Maker game, (or one you built yourself,) play around with it a little and let me know what you found, it would really help me out with the development process. Any (constructive) feedback is welcome. Thanks!
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