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Nihilo - Pre Alpha Test Live Stream 01/15/2021 & 01/19/2021

Awesome! I'll definitely try to be there!

POLL: Less battles (More challenging/More rewarding) --- More battles (Less challenging/More grinding)

I can definitely see why it's a tough decision. I personally sometimes like grinding in games, while at other times it can be very annoying for sure. Especially if you have like Breath of Fire 1 & 2 level of random encounters haha

But I definitely agree with Ashes here too. It's also really nice to have more unique battles that requires the player to really think in order to get through them. So I think having something somewhere in the middle may be the right call.

Jeez, aren't we helpful? :P But yeah, overall, I say more challenging, less frequent!


The lighting and overall ambience is incredible!

Status report

I'm happy that you're still working on this! I'll definitely play the demo when it's available :)


This looks great! Excited to check this out when a demo is available