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Nihilo - Official Demo V1.0.3 (05-06-2021) **

I was recently really wanting to play this again so this is perfect! I'll try to get around to it this weekend maybe an I'll get back to you with my thoughts! :D

Nihilo - Official Demo V1.0 (03-25-2021) is officially live!

Congrats!! I'm so excited to finally be able to play it! :)

02 - Title Screen & Equipment

It's looking fantastic! I love the new logo, too!

Nihilo - Discord

Gotta be honest. Never used Discord. But hey, there's a first for everything! XD

TONIGHT!!! (01/19/2021) - Nihilo - Pre Alpha Test Live Stream - Click for more info

Woo! Glad I caught the stream.

You guys have me amped up to see the demo now! :)

Nihilo - Pre Alpha Test Live Stream 01/15/2021 & 01/19/2021

Awesome! I'll definitely try to be there!

POLL: Less battles (More challenging/More rewarding) --- More battles (Less challenging/More grinding)

I can definitely see why it's a tough decision. I personally sometimes like grinding in games, while at other times it can be very annoying for sure. Especially if you have like Breath of Fire 1 & 2 level of random encounters haha

But I definitely agree with Ashes here too. It's also really nice to have more unique battles that requires the player to really think in order to get through them. So I think having something somewhere in the middle may be the right call.

Jeez, aren't we helpful? :P But yeah, overall, I say more challenging, less frequent!

Status report

I'm happy that you're still working on this! I'll definitely play the demo when it's available :)
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