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glad to hear this is sticking around.

Here's a request that might or might not be simple, but how about the ability to underline, bold, or italicize text in messages/abilities, etc? Would make adding at least a little emphasis and emotion to messages a lot easier.

RPG 20XX Engine

Been looking forward to this, what's going to become of it if and when this place really does go tits up?

RPG 20XX Engine

Not sure if this is one for you or cherry or someone working on the engine, but how about some way apart from using complicated MP differentials to determine what skill has just been used?

As it stands I have to use pain in the ass common events and a bunch of variables to decipher which skill has just been used, and doing this for a bunch is a pain.

Maybe just a simple (character) uses (skill x):

Also, the default walking speed seems to fast, but the next setting down is too slow. Is there maybe a happy medium here? Does anyone else even care about this?

RPG 20XX Engine

"also, would in game zoom modes/changeable resolution of any sort be possible, especially for battle? If for instance, I wanted to show a big, multi part enemy that I want to really dwarf the party but won't fit on the screen the way things are now?"

I don't know what you're saying here. You can already make a huge enemy that fills the entire screen or multiple ones and both would dwarf the party.

I guess the best example I can think of would be FFVII where if you're fighting Emerald weapon or ruby weapon, the screen zooms out because they're so big so that it can fit the entire monster on the screen, whereas if it stayed at the same zoom it does when you're fighting the littler enemies, only his feet would show up.

I guess I mean an enemy that's much bigger than the ones you can fit onto the screen now?

I'm not talking about having automatic camera zooms, just some sort of command to zoom the screen out during battle. This may be way too difficult to implement or not possible, it's just a thought

RPG 20XX Engine

I dunno if this is an issue for you or Cherry, but how about maps larger than 500 by 500? I'm trying to do a really big world map, and while you can do this with multiple smaller maps, it kind of becomes an issue when you want to have some sort of player controllable transport vehicle

also, would in game zoom modes/changeable resolution of any sort be possible, especially for battle? If for instance, I wanted to show a big, multi part enemy that I want to really dwarf the party but won't fit on the screen the way things are now?

thanks again for your time.

RPG 20XX Engine

thought of a couple more things if you guys feel like it would fit in

under the "animations 2" tab, we can only have 32 different poses for in battle, which is actually kind of limiting for me, since I'm trying to do different severities for different status effects, or a unique casting animation for each element. If that number could be increased a good bit it would give people a lot more freedom.

Speaking of which, how about some sort of option to tell what statuses your party members and enemies are currently afflicted with? Is this doable?

Lastly, is changeable resolution for battles so we can have zoom modes impossible? I've had some ideas for really big monsters that I haven't been able to implement because they won't fit on the screen.

RPG 20XX Engine

thought of a couple more things that have always been limiting factors for me and I'm guessing others as well that you might want to consider if possible

pictures in battle is a pretty big one, as is the size limitation of battle and battle 2 animation files. As it stands, you can only have 25 cells in each file, I think Cherry said that he managed to increase that limitation to 125 cells per file by changing the size of the picture that the program used, any chance this could be included?

Removal of the horrible autobattle function that no one uses and only ends up screwing up custom battle events. The option to at least change out the "Row" command. Fixing Reflect tennis, and the bug that Nightblade posted about in Help and Resources how selecting and then cancelling certain commands will cause those commands to execute anyways.

Finally, are you planning on having compatibility with existing patches, like Cherry's stuff? I think he's actually already done fixes for most of the above, but it'd be cool to have it hardcoded into the program too.

Sorry if it sounds like I'm being really demanding, but I have a huge list of gripes with the program, most of them battle related, and I'm pretty psyched that you're going to be rewriting a lot of this stuff, thanks for doing this. I'll probably think of even more things here later on.

RPG 20XX Engine

please please please fix the broken AGI system

as far as I can tell the way it is now it does something stupid like having a really fast character means that characters bar fills at a normal rate and it slows everyone else's down to a crawl

fixing algorithms in general is a big thing for me, having to modify everything with conditions or attributes to get damage where you want sucks

also tint screen in battle only works if you're using battle character sets. Battle animation battlers get shown "above" the tint, and it's a huge pain to try to work around this.

I don't know if these are the kind of things you're even trying to "fix" but they've bugged the piss out of me forever

Three Questions About RPG Maker 2000/3

so where does this leave people in the middle of long term projects in 2k3? I've been working on my game off and on since it came out and I hate to think that it's all been a waste of time and that it's just going to vanish into thin air

what are the odds that someone develops a work around? Is it a sure fire thing that it's going to quit working with the next round of OS upgrades or whatever? This has actually been something I've wondered myself before

RPG Maker 2009 Ultimate

pretty cool definitely downloading.

Just a couple of questions though, is there any planned support for showing pictures in battle? How about compatibility with other patches (for instance, like your reflect fix that you posted in the other forum.)

Lastly, what is "CGSS?"
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