I like playing RPGMaker horror games. I think puzzles are enhanced by having to solve them while scared, and the simple graphics of RPGMaker games generally mean they aren't *too* scary.

I write reviews for games that I think need them - either because they don't already have a review, or because I disagree with the previous reviews. But whether I love it or hate a game, I think it'll be a great game for somebody. And I appreciate the developer of any game for putting in the effort to make something for other people's enjoyment.



Pocket Mirror Review

Is it really meant to be written in a black font?
It's not meant to be that way, but I didn't know how to deal with the black background.

On that note, I have no idea how to change the review now.

Edit: Aha, fixed. Sorry everyone for the inconvenience.


I start to feel kinda dumb, I can't even solve the first puzzle (flowers). Please help!
If you click them in the wrong order, they wither. I didn't completely figure out how it works, but I can provide hints/directions:

Hint 1:
You have to first figure out which one is quickly satiated, which one is waiting patiently, and which one is tall and brittle.

Hint 2:
The first will bloom in the shortest number of clicks, the second will bloom after more clicks, and the last takes the most number of clicks to bloom.

Hint 3:
You can't click the same flower twice in a row.

Hint 4:
Once a flower blooms, you can't click on it any more.

Hint 5:
The middle flower needs to be clicked the most.

Hint 6:
After the first 3 clicks, alternate between the middle flower and the side flowers.

Hint 7:
The left flower needs to be clicked second most.


Pocket Mirror

it was grueling to get that ending 3. Aside from having to figure out the right choices, other things that were huge pains to deal with were the crashes (due to the game loading too much stuff when you play too long)

Oh that's what was causing the game to crash. I kinda noticed it did so about every time I loaded 2 cutscenes in 1 sitting, but didn't know the reasoning behind it.

And yeah, those unskippable cutscenes hurt.

Pocket Mirror

A walkthrough would be very helpfull...
Well, ManlyBadassHero did a let's play that can probably function as one.
Edit: Ninjad, never mind.

On another note, I think I've 100%'d the game, or close enough to it. Very cool game!

At the end of my first playthrough, I had all the portraits except 39, 45, and 60. I got 60, but have no clue what the other two are supposed to be.

Here are the pumpkin charms I found:
1. Painting room: Check the "Satisfaction" painting
2. Party/feast room: Before checking the poster, talk to the shadow girl
3. Party/feast room: Before checking the poster, check the fireplace
4. Party/feast room: After checking the poster, before sitting down, talk to the yellow girl on top
5. Party/feast room: After sitting down, before sitting again, check the yellow dessert on the bottom-left of the table
6. Dance hall: Check the piano
7-8. Dance hall: both plants in front of the top door
9-10. Ringmaster room: both plants
11. 3 Mirror room: maid uniform
12. Yarn Hall: "Feline Glory" painting
13. Yarn Hall: The cat below "Feline Glory"
14. Rose Labyrinth: bench at the beginning
15. Rose Labyrinth: go right to find a black rook
16. Rose Labyrinth: a pair of pumpkins in a 3-way intersection area
17-19. Rose Labyrinth: lose Fleta, then go to the Pumpkin king (left then up from 16). The scarecrows at the top-left and top-middle each have one, and so does the pumpkin patch on the bottom-right
20. Outside Dollhouse (Fleta's house): pumpkin patch on the right side
21. Dollhouse 1F: the light on the right
22-23. Dollhouse 2F: windows on either side of the stairs
24. Dollhouse 2F: pumpkin on the right (talk to it twice)
25-26. Dollhouse 3F: windows on either side of the stairs
27. Dollhouse 3F: window in the middle of the library
28-29. Dollhouse 4F: windows on either side of the stairs
30. Dollhouse 4F, toy room: trunk on the left side
31. Dollhouse 4F, toy room: castle clock on the right side
32. Dollhouse 4F, star room: the small chair (the right side of it)
33. Forgotten Attic: toy horse to the right of the save point
34. Forgotten Attic: doll to the right of 33
35. Forgotten Attic: blue doll to the right of 34
36-37. Secret Manor (Harpae's house): flowers on the left and right of the fireplace
38. Closed Doors: first hall on the right (with windows), flowers on the south side
39-40. Closed Doors-library: clocks on the left and right
41. Closed Doors: flowers to the right of the library (after the windows turn blue)
42. Closed Doors: clock north of 41
43-44. Closed Doors: both in a dresser left of the stairway at the end of the hall
45-48. DusK: Dressers to the left and right of the entrance
49. Dusk-left room: briefcase at the top
50. Dusk-right room: complete the pumpkin's quiz (Math: 3, History: 44BC)
51-52. Closed Doors/Dusk segway II: dressers on the left and right
53-54. Closed Doors/Dusk segway III: dressers on the left and right
55. Hollow: telephone on the left
56. Oubliette: bed
57-64. Long table: piles of cups
65. Inside circus tent: candle/torso at top
66. Sub Rosa: Cage at top-right
67. Crimson Queen: tree
68-69. Cathedral?: candlesticks in nooks on the north wall to the left and right of the golden gates
70-71. Deja-vu: 2 in the same dresser left of the save point
72. Deja-vu: candle holder to the left of 70 at the corner of the hall
73. Deja-vu: dresser in the alcove just north of 72
74. Deja-vu: candle holder in the same place as 73
75-76. Deja-vu: 2 in a dresser in the hallway going to the left at the fork
77-78. Deja-vu: 2 in a dresser to the left of 75
79. Deja-vu - room: spinning wheel on the right
80. Deja-vu - room: desk at the top-left

Total: 143. It seems I missed 17... Or maybe you're supposed to do multiple playthroughs to get the rest.

And here are the shoutouts I found (I may have missed some because I didn't get it):
Paopu fruit (KH)
UN Owen Was Her (2hu)
"Every game needs a few barrels!" (DKC? Pewdiepie? It's funny anyway)

One last note: could you all please fix the background/text overlay so that the reviews are visible? They don't all contain spoilers (or won't after the one I just wrote gets published)

Edit again: I was wrong about being near 100%! When I first picked up the Wax cylinders, I thought they just contained the pictures that I saw with them. But I just realized I could play them on the phonograph. Here's what they say:
"I am recording this...
...leave you my...
...my children...
...my testimony of what I have brought upon you...
...of our lives...
...a being who's...
...hold of my beloved daughter's name...
...everything Mother could do for you...
...hope is...
...your pocket mirror, my girl...
All that I can say...
...deepest regrets are now a burden to you."

(lines are interspaced with Strange Boy's laughter)
"Oh, Elise!"
"Elise, Elise, Elise!"
"You really did think you could fool me, didn't you?"
"Worry not, my dear Elise!"
"For I, your faithful patron, shall collect the deed in due time!"
"You wouldn't want our lovely, golden agreement to be all for naught now, would you?"

"There is a secret I share with Mother."
"A secret you and Father pretend not to know about, but are well aware of its consequences..."
"I'm intending to take it with me to the grave when the time comes, however..."
"Unlike Mother, I will take his hand will full commitment." (?)
"...not regret leaving you in that man's hands..."
"...he so wishes, we..."
"...able to meet again someday..."
"My dear sister."

"What am I doing... Calling out to you like this..."
(audible sigh)
"I'm so foolish... so lost without you..."
"Everything changed... and no cigar... no liquor..."
"Not even other women can take my thoughts away from you..."
"Elise... If only I had known how to help you..."

"...time has come, and yet..."
"...atone for my sins..."
"All of my regrets..."
"...can be, belong to him..."
"...greed has led me to this..."
"I have no way of..."
"...my losses..."
"...may never get to you, my dear..."
"...apologies will never be enough to cleanse our fates..."
"...free me from my past..."
"My dear friend whom I..."
"...fateful night in the woods..."
"...meet you in our rightful resting place..."
"My dear... frien... rose... ine..."

Pocket Mirror

Oh! I got a bad end.

A peek later (thanks garretchance!) I see to get a good end I have to beat Fleta at all her games? I thought I had to lose on purpose in order to make Fleta happy.

On another note, I found a bug: When you're finished with the library, Fleta will say she wants to go upstairs, even if you haven't been to the mirror room. Attempt to go upstairs and she'll say she doesn't want to yet.

Finally beat it. Got end 1. I don't know if I'll replay to get the other endings but the game is certainly very good and I'm finishing uploading the let's plays on my channel.
Only end 1? 0.0
But the game barely starts by then...
Just saw this. Given that there's no indication of how to get past End 1, and End 1 is after several saves and points-of-no-return, I'm going to say no - for a lot of people there isn't and will never be anything after End 1 =(

On second thought - by "End 1" did Ghos7Soldier mean Bad End 1, the one you get when you lose to Fleta, or Platinum? I thought the former when I wrote this but now that I've gotten the other endings, I'm not sure.

Pocket Mirror

I am loving this game so far! But one thing sticks out: The picture room puzzle (left door of the Red Carpet room) drove me crazy!
I spent 30 minutes trying to "solve" the puzzle. It just made sense to me that plucking the Hatred painting's eyeball out couldn't be the right answer, because:
1. In an earlier puzzle, telling the truth, "I don't know", was the solution. That made me think the protagonist was innocent and should stay that way.
2. The whispering grew louder when I refused to pluck out her eye. That made me think I was on the right track.

I tried:
-checking every painting in the room a few times
-checking them in date-order
-checking every other object and wall
-loading my last save and checking every spot in every other room
-giving the red eyeball to the Sisterly painting
-giving the red eyeball to the Hatred painting
-talking to the Hatred painting first
-showing the pocket mirror to the Hatred painting

I kept waiting for something to appear, and didn't even think plucking the painting's eyeball out was correct until I tried literally everything else. And then I died. I tried it again and talked to the Sisterly painting after getting it, but of course it said the same thing as before, and I died again.

I concluded that that couldn't have been the right answer, and that the dark spot I was seeing, coincidentally on the left side of the screen, was losing my own left eye, either because the Hatred painting was a representation of myself and I had plucked out my own left eye, or because the Hatred painting had plucked it out in retribution (just like the name of a painting in that room).

I didn't figure it out until I looked at a Let's Play and saw someone else solve it.

That puzzle's solution just flies in the face of everything that came before, and I couldn't accept it and got stuck =(.

So What

i keep getting the "rpg maker 2003 runtime package is not present or not registered" message although i downloaded that package? im confused

Same here.

Imaginary Friends

This is a great game! It's a bit frustrating though - I thought I solved all the puzzles that could be solved and made all the friendly decisions possible, but I couldn't open the second lock on the safe in the school. Where could I have missed something? =(

I don't wanna have to start over from the beginning and watch all the cutscenes again.

Edit: I figured it out:
I had used the crayon to draw a dog, because after seeing the way the red boy behaved, I thought I'd have to be nuts to draw a boy. But drawing a boy got me the key.

Edit: I was wrong.
Even though I opened the safe and got the drawing of Oliver, and then opened the pink Hailey's Friends book, and put together all 7 pieces of the drawing, I still got ending 3. What am I missing?

Also, a bug report:
When you arrive in Cloudville, if you go left and get the scissors before talking to the king, it skips all his dialogue and you get "how is your quest going?"

Mysterious Room Escape

The lag is terrible - it's not just the mouse, it's everything. How is it possible for a small game like this to lag so much?

Also I solved the 4-digit puzzle, but the box didn't open. That made me confused until, after many attempts, I solved it again later and it did open. That was weird.

Other than that, and the sliding block puzzle that I looked up how to solve rather than go through it again because I find it a chore, the game was fun enough. 4/5


If anyone's interested (or stuck), I put a 100% playthrough on youtube here: https://youtu.be/II881LjuKZ8