I like playing RPGMaker horror games. I think puzzles are enhanced by having to solve them while scared, and the simple graphics of RPGMaker games generally mean they aren't *too* scary.

I write reviews for games that I think need them - either because they don't already have a review, or because I disagree with the previous reviews. But whether I love it or hate a game, I think it'll be a great game for somebody. And I appreciate the developer of any game for putting in the effort to make something for other people's enjoyment.



Aria's Story

Going by 2 of the 4 thumbnails for this game, I guess that Aria is a person who doesn't like to read.

Nevertheless, I plan to download and play this as soon as possible.


Also, perhaps you can make something that collects all the texts you receive?
You mean the notes? In your inventory, you should have all the texts you collect so that you can re-read them, or am I misunderstanding what you mean?

I assume roseangel meant the text messages you get on the phone, like "Have you seen my energy drink pack?"

On another note, is secret ending 2 supposed to be the Forgetful ending? (And how is it forgetful when I 100%'d the game, rescuing both Emelie and Marcus, confronting Levi, finding Mother and finding the research data?) If not, I have a bug to report. And it took about 10 resets to even get bloody eyes too - it may be simpler than secret ending 1, but I'd say it's not easier to do.


I think you're misunderstanding some of what I'm writing. I enjoyed some parts of the game a lot. But others are maddeningly frustrating. Randomness is one of those things, and for me personally so are missable things. I hate putting a lot of time and energy into a game just to find out I can't get an ending or do something 2-3 hours in because I missed something within the hour, and am now past the point of no return. That sort of stuff is fine in 5 minute games and roguelikes, which have high re-playability, but just stink in a game that's the same on your 2nd, 3rd, and 10th attempt as on your first.

And the lighting effect puzzle would have been fine, if it had been at all clear what to do, and if there weren't multiple solutions to the puzzle. That's a problem I had with a lot of the puzzles in the game actually: I have to solve one puzzle to figure out what I'm supposed to do (like get the colored numbers in the garden) and another to ignore the unimportant ones, and another to put them in the right order. It's like you said "ok, here's a puzzle where I supplied the bare minimum amount of information required to solve it. Now let's remove some." In my opinion that's relatively fine for optional quests, but not main plot points.

The other problem I had was that sometimes an action would cause damage (like looking in a mirror in most places) but at other times it's required (like looking in a mirror to find the axe key). You can't just train me to avoid something, then expect me to do it anyway to advance the main plot. It just makes me frustrated when I can't figure out what I'm supposed to do, even though I'm following the rules the game has taught me (like don't look at mirrors).

And what I want you to do is take the things you learned from making this game, and use them to make your next game better. This game is done, and there's no need to change it. Just do better next time.


You get one when you save Emelie (She gives it to you before leaving)
Wait, how do you save Emelie? I just checked the let's play, and what happened for him was completely different than what happened for me. As soon as I got the batteries, I rushed back upstairs to give them to Emelie, but when I talked to her door, I got no response - he just said "where did she go?". How did the LPer and I get completely different responses when we did the same thing?

The game is design like that, it's a survival game. Think of it like this, if you play Silent Hill 2 and by the end of the game you used up all your health and ammo and can't find anymore, then yes you would have to start over cause you're kinda fucked. I'm not trying to be an asshole here, it's just how the game is designed. Yes, it is unforgiving, but I bet if you make a new run through the game, you will do it with ease cause you already know where to go, the solutions to most of the puzzles, which will make you do less running around. Running around blindly is how some of the scares get you. However, I will admit that since there are scares that are random, maybe you just have shitty ass luck, but I'm amazed that you haven't been able to at least reach the exit yet, since you said you found 5 keys, and if you know where the Axe Key is, getting to the exit doesn't take that long. If you are trying to find everything on your first run, then I'd say that's impossible, cause the game is not designed that way.
As a matter of fact, I didn't know where the Axe Key was until I read the comments. "There's something behind me" is completely different from "there's something on the wall behind me." The former implies it's right behind me, like a ghost standing on the tile below my character, while the latter is what you actually meant.

And the thing about this game's unforgiving mechanics (and Silent Hill 2's as you describe it) is that they are terrible game design. And if you think about it, you'll understand why. This is a horror game, so you wanted to scare me right? And what reduces scariness? Isn't it familiarity, such as going through the same section again and again because I died the first time? Also annoyance, such as because I had to restart the game at the very end because of a mistake I made near the beginning. Familiarity and annoyance also reduce fun, so you've made a horror game in such a way that it's going to become un-fun and un-scary. And since fun and scariness are the reasons I play horror games, that means that while this game has a lot of good points, that "survival" mechanic makes the game far worse than it could have been. To end with, "survival horror" as I understand it means any type of game where there's scary stuff and your job is to get out alive, including Resident Evil, Amnesia, Outlast, Ib, Misao, Mad Father, and The Witch's House. But most if not all of those still let you finish the game even if you make some mistakes. Games that don't let you finish if you make mistakes are comparable to Touhou, which is an achievement-based experience rather than a horror- or fun- based one.

Here's a picture: The corners

What am I doing in these pictures that you are not? There is a hint next to the box that want the 3 digit combination, but I did notice that the wall is very dark so it is miss-able, but the hint itself might not be the best anyways.
Aha, I found the hint after you pointed it out. Yes, it is completely missable, because that patch of wall looks the same as every other patch of wall. And now that I've seen your pictures, I understand what you were talking about. But here's what I was doing, which still makes sense even after seeing the note: https://imgur.com/a/f2C7u


There are keys for every medkit. You might be screwed, but wait, shed or basement? Aren't those scares random? Idunno which keys you have collected so I can't really help you with that.
Are you asking me if the scares are random? Because my answer is "no, I tried more than once in each case and they happened every time." And an extension to that answer is "there seem to be far more scares than I have total health through medkits, because I've only used medkits when I was 1 hp from death, and never used an energy drink. Also, I've checked everywhere for keys (as far as I know, since I've examined every item and even the water south of Mother's room and found a key there) but can't find any more." Is there a list of where to find keys or something? And how many of them only appear after a certain event is completed, like the one in the hall between the dining room and garden?

My impression so far is that I dislike having to find keys for the medicine boxes. The health-to-scares ratio already seems designed to make me fail, and forcing me to find keys to even get at medkits just seems like an unnecessary added burden, when just finding medkit boxes is rare enough. If the system is designed to force me to do multiple playthroughs, I hate that, because this is not a roguelike, and because I've put a bunch of time into my playthrough already, save-scumming to avoid as many scares as reasonably possible. I do not want to start a new game, even if it is the only way to see the ending.

I literally just tested this, and you must be doing something wrong. Idunno what else to say, this puzzle works as it should for me.
Are you kidding me? "You must be doing something wrong"? You just said standing in the corners throws light on the correct numbers, and I just said I stood in the corners and it threw light on all the numbers. How is it even possible to do it right? And if there is a "right" way to do it, how would anyone ever figure it out? There's no clues that I can see, and the logic for this puzzle doesn't follow the logic of any other puzzles up to this point. After the S=19 puzzle, I thought the solution would be to add up all the numbers in the room, and only gave up when the total was >1000.


I've heard this before, it seems like everyone has different opinions on what a primary color is, and that is why I changed the hint to light spectrum long ago.
If you still think that light spectrum isn't right then I don't really know what to tell you. I've always thought that red green and blue were the main colors, mainly cause those are the 3 colors you talk about (at least for me).
I've only seen RGB being a thing in things like photoshop, so I don't really know what to tell you. I've admitted that I was wrong, hence why I changed the hint, but any more than that, what else can I do?
Before this I didn't read the comments, so I didn't know what was said before. But I'd change the puzzle so that instead of yellow one of the colors is purple. And so that the numbers follow the order of the colors (red, green, then blue) instead of being random.

I've tried brute forcing all the numbers on the floor, left to right. It didn't work, did you change the code on the toolbox? I can send all the ones I've tried.
Sorry for the late response. The correct answer is 394. How/Why? When standing in the corners, your lantern only lit up those 3 numbers, from left to right.
No, this is not the case. I dunno what corners you stood in, but I tried all 6-7 corners in the room, and the lantern lights up literally every number except the 3 behind the wall's shadow.

On another note, the game seems to be impossible for me to complete now. I've used every med key I've found on a med kit box, and there are still 2 med kit boxes I don't have keys for. Advancing the plot (with the shed or the basement) triggers a scare that kills me, and I'm out of medicines. Is there anything I can do, or am I just screwed?


Green is not a primary color and yellow is, so the hint for one of the puzzles is confusing =(

The Hunt - Rebuilt Review

No apologies needed, man. I criticized your game, but I'm not criticizing you for making a game I don't like. At least you made a game, and I respect that. Based on the length, it looks like it took a ton of work. I respect that too.

Re: The Witch's House, the only thing that looked like a direct rip off was the "no distractions" room. I might've complained about that if I hadn't played Witch's House, and recognized what was going on after I died the first time. The sign before the room made me think "ok, I have to walk around and find the exit without interacting with anything," rather than its intended meaning.

Lamia Nox Review

I have not in fact played the version on gamejolt, but from the way you talk about being rushed for the ending, I think I will!

It Moves

I love this game. I'd write a review, but I don't think I can say anything that hasn't been said already. Good work on the atmosphere and jumpscares. This is the type of game I couldn't finish when I was younger.

My one complaint might be the underwater section. Although I find swimming in deep water scary, this section wasn't scary at all for me. Maybe if you had been able to capture the vastness of the ocean better, rather than emphasizing claustrophobia.