What makers work with Windows7?

What makers work with Windows7?

I haven't been on in a while cuz my old PC got a virus, so I got a nw PC and it's got windows7 on it.
So I was wondering what makers would work, particularly 2003.

Favorite RPGmaker game?

I've barely had any activity around here lately... but anyway, what's your personal favorite RPGmaker made game? I've been looking to possibly review a game or two, so uh... just wondering.

A boring intro thread

Hi...I'm Moniter, currently working on "Dungeon Quest" a black and white, customed graphics game that I will be uploading to the site soon enough.

Anyway, my birthday is november 22,1984 at sometime in the afternoon, and my astrological sign is scorpio.

Uhh, I've played Hero's Realm.
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