A Quick Question

I saved the templates from BlindSight's Topic for Rm2k3. I tried to put my sprites inside the little squared. But the color changes. The brown changes into black. Yellow into teal. Is the templates for coloring? or puting sprites into it? I know, I'm really low on information. But yeah.

Newbie Question.

I know I know.... Another annoying question from me. especially to you pro game designers! But as you pro's can see, your games a totally SWEET! Custom battle system. Custom Menu. A QUEST LOG (I know their is a tutorial so don't worry). Custom Sprites. I mean... So much!

Wouldn't hurt much to ask...

Teach me basics plz? What do you use? What is ABS and DBS (i know what ABS is but im not sure)? Do you use scripts?

It's ok to ignore this. Because, I could just make my games the boring old menu's and battle systems.

Need sprites plz!

Hi there! I need charsets and battlecharsets of power rangers! but not any kind of power rangers. a power ranger with a REALLY cool helment and stuff... plz do not copy one of the power rangers on tv. I want to make my own. and my client is rm2k3.

I need:

Power Rangers Charsets and BattleCharsets!

Power Ranger Colors -
6)White & Black

Kay thx!

RPG Maker Event thing?

Im not like talking like the RPG Maker event when u right click and it's right there. i'm talking about like a website event! like a contest! thats the word im looking for!

Create your own sprites Event!

In this event you create your own chipsets, sprites, etc. to make your game! It dosen't need to be like 1500 hours of gameplay, maybe 2 hours maximum is good! But, since making your own sprites is hard, maybe the submission date is on September or August? Anywayse what do you guys think?

P.S This is just an idea from a brain. It would be fun if we had this though. Plz only opinions, no flames.

Event help for VX

umm... when i did an event on the beginning i did all the events i would use on rm2k3. after i put the hib_doneintro thing on, my hero isnt moving anymore. why is that?

Characters following...

i saw this is the tutorials once... but its gone now. How can u make the other characters to follow the hero?

Sumbmission for games?

does the submission for demo's take long? cuz i submit it 3 days ago! i need HELP on it...

Altering an Event help!

How do i alter and event to be ON when i finish another one?

Corrupt a wish game!

Well i'm bored so i'm just going to do this.

First you make a wish, then if someone made a reply on top. Give a reason to destroy/corrupt it. then tell your wish... for example
Bob: I wish for chocolate!|

Billy: But the chocolate you had was actually poop!|
I wish for water. |

Just like that. i dont know is anyone already posted this game... but oh well!!!

What does your avatar mean?

well... random topic... ive seen really wierd avatars... so i guess this topic is appropriate... i think...

mine means my name ;D with fire ;D
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