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Dragon Quest: Legacy of the Lost

Where'd you get your resources? I'm interested in making a DQ game with VX Ace and can't get the resources to make it.


Well that's good News, Hiatus is more promising than Dead, I had higher hopes for this than Shattered Wings afterall. I look forward to seeing where this will go and Blackmoon Prophecy II for that matter.


Finishing Strike! Divine Storm!

Virtual Quest

Is this still allive?

Heroes of Shaola

I was playing on Normal mode.

May I ask what difficulty (Easy, Normal, Hard or Legendary) are you playing at?


I like this sprite better than the one he has now, especially since the soldiers with him are considerably bigger.

Heroes of Shaola

I'd say this game needs some re balancing, those Mushroom enemies in particular are damn near impossible to get past in the battle with 6 of them, they use Sleep Pollen wayyyyyyy too often. I lost to the Orcs a lot and wound up with Leonardo being Level 18 by the time of the 6 Mushroom battle, I can hardly even get a single turn in before they sleep and poison me to death. Put Sleep Pollen on a Priority of 3 and Posion Breath on 4 and leave attack at 5, that should fix the problem.


I have a Suggestion, when putting certain actions like "sigh" into dialogue, it's best to put asterisks either side like this; *sigh*


The Dialogue window size is a bit off here, maybe a blank empty 4th line will fix this.

Google Drive (updated 5/7/19)

Please use a different download client, the one you're using now forces downloaders to install stuff or else it won't let us download the game, nobody should have to install third party apps to be able to download this.