Life in the Unknown

I am downloading the update! I can't wait to try it out!

Life in the Unknown

Hello and thank you for the reply.
1, 3, 4, 5 I can live with those they are not to much a problem, but would be nice of a fix thank you.

2 I see and cool can't wait for the next one lol.

6 Yeah there some really close ones I can't remember at moment, but if need I can make a list of them later.

7 and 8 Ahh thank you.

9 and 10 yeah it took me a while, but figure it out. It is no big deal makes it interesting really although you do get tired easy.

11 Sounds awesome!!!!! I can't wait to see how that would go!

Life in the Unknown

Hello, I just thought of something neat could be added.
It be neat if you made it where the main character could get married to some of the other characters

Circle of Fate

I have a question.
I talk to the tax collector and he wants money from the guy locked in his room. The guy in the house says the guy locked in his room maybe to lazy to shear sheep so my question is where do I get shears and shear those sheep?

Life in the Unknown

Hello it is me again.
(I am editing post I figure out how to open the mine and chop trees now)
I am posting a list below on somethings I found that could use a fix some are pretty much nothing while others are something.

1) When you are at camp and go to the right and enter the new map the mushroom is glitched where you are under it.
2) When you go to sow the carrots you can only do 1 at a time?
3) When collecting some mushrooms/logs disappear when others don't
4) When collecting some mushrooms/logs can't be picked up daily you have wait a while
5) When collecting after you collect a mushroom and you leave that map and come back it is already back, but cannot pick them till next day
6) Sometimes when going to other maps the trees are to close to the edge of the map and you get stuck in them.
7) When I turn in the fishing task and he gives me the pickaxe. I click task again and he gives me same one which I get another pickaxe if I bring him another cooked fish?
8) When I try to eat the fish I cannot it just makes a sound like a you can't do that sound.
9) So I have the Pickaxe.... But I am confused as to what I should do because I have gone to those stones in front of the cave and I cannot hit them.
(I figure out you have talk to the diary in your tent to open mine hopefully this helps anyone else who is stuck like I was lol)
10) I do not know how to chop a tree down at all I try pushing z and enter, but doesn't work is there certain trees if so what ones?
(I learn you do it by going to your skill deal in the menu)

If need snap shots I can provide some.
A lot of these can be lived with no problem I just wanted to let you know for when you do a next update some you may wish to edit.
So far I am still loving this game!

Also thank you for taking the time to read and reply to my messages and this.

Life in the Unknown

Thank you tons for the quick action and answers to my questions.
I like the game a lot so far and I hope you make tons more like it.
I do have one thing to ask for a future game if you are to make one is there a way to add a quest log or is there a key to open one I do not know of?
I do not mind writing out the quest, but a quest log would probably have more info then what I write down.
Overall I love this game and as I keep playing I am sure it will stay amazing. I do hope you don't stop here and keep up your great work in other games as well.

Life in the Unknown

Try the z button. Also you need to sleep once before any collection will work right, it is a bug that I need to fix for the next version of the game.
Thank you I will try it. :) :)
(Edit: It worked thank you about the mushroom. Now I just need know if my download messed up or is it to be missing that file?)
I have a question...
When I go to the top right corner of the map the music dies down a lot.
Then when I go to the right I guess you say to the next map it goes black and pops this up.
*Image below*
click here for image

Life in the Unknown

How can I pick mushrooms?
I have pressed many buttons they do not work.
I have been able to fight, walk around, and I can pull up the menu and it works fine.
I can also chat with the one guy, but how do I get the mushrooms or can you not do that yet?

Life of a Peasant

I have problems downloading the game.
I try to download it, but it only downloads the html of this page????
It does this on some other games where it only downloads their html page, but not all.
Does anyone know what the problem is?

The Farming One

Why is it when I try to download it gives me HTML of this page instead?
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