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(Rm2k3) Ripping And Creating Tilesets with SNES Emulators

Hi I'm looking to rip a tileset from a certain SNES game using a SNES emulator (the one I've been using is ZSNES to be specific). I understand how to use "print screen" to copy and paste images onto paint or other programs. My question is how do you scale those pictures down to fit them into the dimensions of the RPG Maker sprites.

For instance with charsets the demension for each square in a charset is 24, 32. With chipsets it's 16, 16. When you print screen a picture from ZSNES it's usually 800x600 which is huge compared.

Skill Detection In Battle?

It's not hard to detect what command a hero is using in battle, by just using a conditional branch you can identify if a hero is using attack, a skill, or a skill subset etc.. my question is how would you detect exactly what skill the hero is using? The only way I can think, is by inflicting a condition on a character or an enemy with the skill, and identifying the condition with a common event that is called each turn "0 x + 0 with the conditional branch of, "hero afflicted with, etc." This seems pretty messy, is there a better way to detect skills than this?

Common Event Problem [Solved]

I have a common event set up to decrease the hero's movement speed by -1 when the shift key is depressed. However, when I have this event active, I cannot use the trigger condition "touched by hero" on map events.

For example, if I set up a simple teleport event on a map, that is below the hero, and is triggered by "touched by hero," my hero is simply able to walk over the event without triggering the teleport command.

Any idea why this event would conflict with other events?

Why I am so good with the ladies.

Alright some of you might have noticed my amazing, impeccable and impenetrable skills with the ladies, the fact that I NEVER get turned down and am always the chick magnet of the room no matter what.


Some of you might be wondering, Ravenite1? How can I achieve this level of greatness? Please teach me Ravenite, how can I be as good with the ladies as you?

Aw shucks. Well don't worry, I'm going to teach you.

Our first lesson is going to be pick up lines, here are some of my awesome pick up lines that never fail.

1.Do you like apples? How about I take you home and screw the hell out of you, how'd you like them apples?

2.I may not be Fred Flintstone, but I bet I can make your Bed Rock.

3.Bond. James Bond.

Or simply:

4.Are you going out with me, or do I have to stalk you?

Keep in mind this is just the foundation, step 1 of the program if you will. I have plenty more awesome advice for all those guys in desperate need of my help. Don't worry, help is here.

Remember don't think about it just do it, and when you get in trouble don't mention my name.

Mechanics of RMN

Still a new user to RMN I was just wondering a few things about RMN, a couple really...

1. How do you put a comment under your avatar?

2. What exactly makes up a users "makerscore?".

Yeah and that's it really.

Hilarous pictures

Simple thread

Any strange phobias?

I was just thinking the other day, what weird things people are afraid of. Not the normal spiders, snakes, stalkers. etc etc

Rather the more abstract and strange things. Like fear of plants or wet towels.

You don't even have to be all that afraid of it.

I'll give you an example for me. When ever I do my washing in a communal area, I'm paranoid about some strange person stealing my clothes. Now I'm not terrified about it, but for some reason every time (When I don't do my washing home) I do my washing, I thinking about it and often I sit around watching the wash even though I have plenty to do. Strange I know... hence why this thread was thought up.

So if anyone wants to share their own strange fears... go ahead and post.

Please don't post anything too disgusting.

Smile I look forward to hearing about it.

P.S remember to state how afraid of it you are. I mean I am only worried about my strange fear but some people are terrified etc of theirs.

Post your music video

A recent thread created by Feldschlacht IV about music made me curious as to how many users actually practice instruments or sing. If you have a video of yourself performing or playing something please post.

Final Party in Final Fantasy 6

I'm going to go old school here...

What was your final party in FF6 (If you have played the game).

Personally, mine was always the same:

-Locke w/ genji glove and offering

Cyan - Because of Cyans "swordtech"

Shadow - Cause he looked too cool not to be in my party.

-Gogo - Because you could customize gogos attack menu with any characters special attacks.

3 Second freeze problem with Minkoff Animated Battler System

I just recently started this game "The Beginning" with hopes of making a decent game even though I am a newbie at the RPG Maker. So I decided to try my absolute hardest to learn the art of RPG Making and having been fairly successful thus far.

But I have now reached a block, I want to use Minkoff battlers (Because I hate the default actor battlers) to change my game around a little bit. Learning Minkoff was hard enough, but obviously I still do not know what I am doing because every time the actor strikes an enemy, there is a 3 second freeze and then he goes back to the "ready" position. Can any one figure this out?

This is really frustrating because either I don't work on my project or my other option is to NOT use the Minkoff battler system and go back to default battlers which I don't want to do. So I have choose to put my project down until I can figure this out.
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