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(Rm2k3) Ripping And Creating Tilesets with SNES Emulators

Okay, this is going to sound stupid but I literally just answered my own question.

If you go into the Emulator and change the video size to 256x240 the sprites and the games will be in the exact dimensions that the rm2k3 uses. So you can freely rip sprites and chipsets without even having to change the size.

So case closed lol. I'm glad I asked though because I figured it out in the process.

(Rm2k3) Ripping And Creating Tilesets with SNES Emulators

Hi I'm looking to rip a tileset from a certain SNES game using a SNES emulator (the one I've been using is ZSNES to be specific). I understand how to use "print screen" to copy and paste images onto paint or other programs. My question is how do you scale those pictures down to fit them into the dimensions of the RPG Maker sprites.

For instance with charsets the demension for each square in a charset is 24, 32. With chipsets it's 16, 16. When you print screen a picture from ZSNES it's usually 800x600 which is huge compared.

Should the last boss be super challenging?

I like challenging final bosses as long as they don't drag on for hours. The final boss should be a test of all the skills you've learned to that point.. rather than a test of patience.

Script for Conditional Branch

Just Map ID the event at the start of the event process. And check if it's changed at the end. If it's different flip the switch/variables.

Vacant Sky Vol. 1: Contention

Whoo I should really download these again and see how it's going. Last time I played was back in 2012.

[2k3] Requesting mappers!

I could make some maps for you. I can't say I'm going to heavily commit. Do you have all your tilesets lined up? And concepts of what you what your maps to be?


*Downloads VX.

[2k3] Character Passive Abilities

Once a combo has started, the system doesn't count each attack in it a turn right?
So you won't be able to run any events in-between attacks during a combo if I'm correct.

The only thing I can think of is creating your own combo system, that way you can call your Bonecrusher event in-between attacks. There are probably more tutorials than this one, but here's one I found on creating a custom combo system:


[VX] Help with transfers?

Hi Vegeluxia,

Teleport/transfer your party one square ahead of the event which will teleport you back to the previous map.

This is what I normally do myself. I realized what I told you before wouldn't work.

There is a way to do it how you were asking though. Put an event behind where you teleport too. Same layer as hero, and add the condition branch, "facing the direction you want." As long as you don't teleport on top of it. You can activate it by just turning around.

[VX] Help with transfers?

I've never used VX. But I'm assuming there are conditional branches like every other engine. In your "transfer" event make a conditional branch that has a condition of the Hero sprite facing in the direction you want to return too. That way when you teleport to a new area. You should be able to just turn around and teleport back.

I can elaborate more if needed.