Still alive...

if you finish this I will play it!

Why am I still here instead of getting ready for work

look at a game called Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corner of the World. I think their puzzles they came up with were good. maybe they'll give you some ideas.


It looks fine as it is, in my opinion.


HA ha, a throw back to RE2.


This reminds me of shadowrun on the snes.

Blackmoon Prophecy Review

just a minor note, how can someone know that is feels and plays like a FF game when they their-self never played a real FF game? Just asking.


someone has been playing silent hill i see.

Lucid Dream - Night One:Amnesia

I think this game has been dropped.

Change Log

Ive notice that you stay poison even when you die.

Blackmoon Prophecy

I have to ask but why did you remove the exp for the boss. now their just annoying things that get in my way that die way to easily and I get nothing for it, yay!