There's also IndieGogo. Though I think you will need more footage on the gameplay (e.g. combat) to convince people to back your project.


Games need more trapdoors.

Alter A.I.L.A. Genesis Review

In fact only a simple "restart from begin of battle" option would be sufficient. It was indeed a bit frustrating that after dieing you had to watch the whole cutscene again. I don't think it was possible to skip cutscenes...

Alter A.I.L.A. Genesis Review

If you think the boss battles take too long you are probably doing it wrong. Every boss involves a trick and it's also important what modes you equip. You can pretty much ignore negative status changes altogether or just equip an item that protects you from it.
You can kill basically all bosses by only using each EX move twice, which doesn't take so long with the proper equipment.

Gameplay is fairly good in this game. The boss battles aren't that bad. They are challenging and that is good. It would be boring if you never died in the game, wouldn't it? And it appears you actually played the game very far so you have eventually overcome them, so it wasn't impossible. I agree that the normal battles need a higher variety, though. But I don't think you are supposed to do many normal battles in the game. If I don't engage battles myself many of them will not actually lead to an encounter and then you only need to do 3-5 normal battles per dungeon, which I also consider as a positive thing (better than games with 50+ battles per dungeon). While battles sometimes seem slow, they usually also put me into some kind of stress, having to select the options very fast not to die. I know some can be really tedious, though.
Also the weaknesses of some characters actually adds even more strategy to the battles, for example deciding whether it's a good or bad idea to just keep them dead during the battle.
Gameplay is certainly not perfect, but rating this anything lower than average seems unfair. Not many RPGs manage to accomplish such a "very challenging but not impossible" difficulty. It is not a game you would recommend to inexperienced gamers, but gamers who think that Final Fantasy is way too easy will love this.

I'm mainly replying to this because I don't want the author to tune down the difficulty in his next games. The real improvements that should be done would be a higher variety in the battles, removal of the few glitches in the battle system and maybe make battles slightly faster paced - or keep them slow paced but make them more strategical and unique.

Alter A.I.L.A. Genesis Review

Because it is less effort to rip graphics than to draw them yourself!? That's pretty much common sense. I usually reduce the score for graphics/music by 2 if graphics are ripped, but since it was only partly done for the graphics, I left it at only 1 point reduction.

I guess RPG Maker communities are not that strict about it, but I am. I know other communities where you get kicked out of the community altogether if you use rips in your game or at least automatically get the lowest score in that aspect. I'm pretty much going a middle way by saying perfectly ripped graphics get rated the same way as average completely self-made ones.

RMN Closing Down April 2nd

Seriously, don't close the website completely. I honestly don't care about the forums at all, but the games hosted here and the possibility to contact the creators is very important and should not just be removed...

Alter A.I.L.A. Genesis Review

Ah I see, thanks for the info. Guess the partly rips/edits would mean I'd reduce the graphics score to 4/5, but it would still come down to the same score (since 23/30 would still be rounded up to 4/5).

Honestly you're really good with story and dungeon design, you should get yourself an artist (or draw yourself) and composer.

Oh yeah, mainly for myself, but here would be the updated review paragraphs:

Graphics - The graphics are unique, detailed and simply amazing. They might not have a very high resolution for modern 2D RPGs, but they still look simply incredible. I really liked the feeling the game gave me through them. Although at the beginning everything was quite grey-ish, it keeps getting better the deeper you get into the game. At the end I was surprised on how detailed some regions were. According to the author many of them were rips/edits, but I didn't really recognize them being taken from popular games. The game also has plenty of well-drawn cutscenes, these were completely self-made by the author. The correct picture always showed up at the correct time of the dialogues and the pictures themselves were always really fitting to the scene. You could really get the feeling of the characters at that time simply by looking at those pictures. The only thing I can criticize about graphics is that they are partly rips/edits, so I'll give it a 4/5.

Graphics - 4/5
Music - 3/5
Story - 5/5
Dungeon Design & Exploration - 5/5
Battles - 4/5
Stability & Other - 2/5

Total: 23/30 = 77% = 3.8/5 = "good"

Final impression: This game amazed me in many ways. The story, the dungeon design and exploration were simply perfect. The graphics look amazing and are fitting, too bad they aren't fully self-made. Fully original graphics, original music (if as good as the one used here) and a more stable battle system with a higher monster formation variety could improve the game further. This ends up being the Indie RPG I gave the best score ever so far and it is FREE. With original graphics/music and a more stable battle system a game of this size and quality could easily be sold for $10-$20 without me regretting the purchase. I can only recommend everyone to get this game, since it's simply amazing and doesn't cost anything.