I'm not in a fantasy world, I just want to make games.
I'm SeanGrei; aspiring game designer. I'm hard working, and deticated to my work. I hope you'll come to play and thoroughly enjoy my different projects. I look forward to your reviews!




looks good ^^ i gotta check this out when its ready

Hero's Sword

New update on Hero's Sword remake released. Feel free to check it out.

Blackmoon Prophecy

Haha, the game that gave me the inspiration and idea for FFV-II. I never thought I would find this again.

actually, there is already a final fantasy v-2; it is the anime mini series final fantasy v legend of the crystals :D it's actually very good


Ironically, I have a game series called 'Atrum Somnium Terra'.

This says something along the lines of 'dark -something- ?dream?' and a light -something- ?reality?

lol my latin
I only know latin stuff because of final fantasy :v

Yeah ^^. it's basically light, dark, surreal, and dream. the game's title Eomnium Project is basically surreal project (since it was MEIJI STUDIOS entry for the surreal game contest) feel free to check the game out if youre interested; I am working on a remake of it, as well as my recent projects (still working on Reaver Rage AMAP. hopefully ill be able to get some mor work done between school work ^^)as for your game series, I deffinately plan to look it up.

Unfolded Stories

canceled? But why, man? the game thus far was amazing! i miss chattin with you dood. hmu sumtime


author=Deacon Batista
1. I am 22
2. I am male
3. I made all the ''sexy pictures'' with my bare hands! D-:
4. not only whores are allowed to check this out
5. I don't know that ''Evony'' online game
6. stop the insults! -,-

game looks awsome :D youre an amzing artist and you really seem to know your stuff dood. keep up the good work!

Eomnium Project

Not to to place more hate on this game, but you know what this game desperately needs? The ability to dash. I mean, even if it's only enabled for the maps that have the guys that give you a game over when you run into them (the tutorial message does mention moving quickly...), it would be an improvement.

I do like the portraits and the character graphics, so that's something!

thanks for the advice. i do intend to return the dashing feature.

Eomnium Project

Eh, feel free to fail me on this one. We didn't make the game with the intention of winning. Not to mention, making an updated version is against contest rules /: I got college work and things are hectic, but I'm going to fix up the game and put the dashing feature back in as the lack of it was viewed poorly. I will continue to search for bugs and hopefully itll be fixed soon. Unfortunately, I do have a life, and I can't spend all my hours on Eomnium project. Sorry if I have pisssed you all off, but hopeefully you will try to new version when it's out

2011 RMN Summer Games

sorry about all of the glitches ):
hopefully i'll have fixed everything soon so players can experience the game to it's fullest.

Eomnium Project

i located the issue. the door was set as below character /: this is my biggest issue. i always miss a few of these door things. a quick fix, but annoying as hell. all the glitches aside, what do you think of the story so far?