I read, I write, I play. I design stories and games. RPGs and turn based strategy games are my favorites.

Just started working with RM Ace, and am currently building my first game with it. I'm liking what I can do with it so far. If I manage to publish a game with it, that'll be more than I ever got done with any other game maker.

There *is* one thing I don't like about it: the lack of online connectivity. I want to make games that I can play with my friends, and sadly may find myself needing to abandon the RM toolset eventually. That's probably the biggest reason I didn't bother with it until recently.

Oh, yeah. I also dance.
The Legend of Gladius
Two treasure hunting mercenaries. One mean ogre. All that stands between them is a legend.


Andrew Here

Avid reader, avid writer. Been designing and playing games my whole life. Role playing and adventure games have held a particular fascination for me. Tabletop and turn-based strategy are also favorites of mine. Combine all those elements and I'll be in gamer heaven if you did it right.

Just picked up RMVX Ace, and am currently building my first game with it.
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