Revelation Chronicles: Edel Sky

Hey man. The games what i like is something like this:

I hope you can make something like that too in the future. You have talent for sprites like this.

Revelation Chronicles: Edel Sky

what happen with the previus chapters??
They're all included in the game.

Ok, thanks!!

ps: Do you now where i cand fin more rpg maker games with sprites like this??

I'm really tired of the small ones...

Revelation Chronicles: Edel Sky

what happen with the previus chapters??

Final Fantasy Dreams

author=Gavaroc Fevinor
How is this game playable? The bug fix for the 'Mid1' glitch after the minotaur SEEMS simple enough, but... the current download for the game gives you a .exe file and nothing else. No Rtp folder, no backdrop folder to put the files in. Just the application. I'm not an RPG Maker user, so I don't really know how to access it all properly, so... am I missing something here? The game crashes for me after the minotaur, and I HAVE downloaded the two missing files, but... there's nowhere to put them.

All you people who've managed to play the game... how did you do that? XD

EDIT: Well I solved that issue, buuuuuut another error beat me down three continents in XD

Man i have the same problem. :(

Can you help me??

Phantasia 2 Redux

There's nothing about this game yet? :(

Alter Legend - Download Finally Available!

WOW! looks awesome! But... hmmm... I think a will wait until you finish making the game.

pd: Sorry for my bad english.
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