Forgotten Nightmares
Where your mind is your PRISON, and where your Reality slowly shatters...




Hey ^^
I just gave the demo a go, and I just loved it! I also uploaded the game play to my channel, which can be seen here:
I didn't say it at the end, but I really like the ideas of the game (such as the sanity meter) and how the player is the one to inflect on the storyline, it is one of the type of games I enjoy the must!
Also, I just noticed you're looking for artists/voice actors, so I'm wondering if I can help with one, or even both of them ^^

Forgotten Nightmares

all file is dead link

It is now fixed, so go ahead and try to download it ^^


Amazing~ Your art has been improved quite well Shira. Did you practice? I can tell ;)

Thank you :D


Holy... This is huge! And we can go into all those buildings? Or at least some?

Also, check the spelling on the top of the map. It says Frsaken.

I just notices it... Oppsi ^^'

ALSO this is a THIRD version of this... there were 2 others... bigger -__- So if you think THIS is huge...! And yes, you cab enter to some of the buildings~


Much better!

Indeed :D


This is what I do when I draw art for my game:

1) Hand draw and scan it in. 1:30 hours

2) Open up in your image editor (I personally use GIMP) and instantly re-size it to the correct ratio. 15 seconds.

3) Use that lovely Line Tool to trace the outline for everything. Since you have a background as well, you would probably be better off tracing the character on a different layer. 45 minutes.

4) Now, if the character is still too thin, you can re-scale the character without messing up the background. 10 seconds.

5) Color. Because you're working with a smaller image, it's much quicker to color and shading is easier as well. Still a lot of time, but you can get it done quicker. Then again, I suck at shading, so it'll probably take you much less time.

Hope that helps.

EDIT: Then again, I'm not exactly the best artist myself. Take what I had to say with a HUGE grain of salt.
So after a fierce battle, I managed to re-size and edit the title screen :D it is bigger then seen here, for this is a snapshot of how it looks like in-game!


Somehow Eve is even thinner.

Other than that, though, it's much better! The outlines are much more defined and it's easier to tell what is what.

The problems with re-sizing T-T BLHA ><
But other then that, yes, you can finally see details you couldn't see before :D Like Eve's arm XD
As for the re-size problem... I just need to find a better program or website for that matter..


Hey :3
First of all: great! Simply as that, this game so far is great in my opinion, and I can't wait for it to be released in full version :D
Second of all: I have made a playtrough of it, so if you want, you can watch it here:
That is all I had so say :3

Lamia Nox

Sooo... I draw this a long time ago but on;y reacently I turned it into a digital drawing.
It is a poster for THIS game (not like the other one I made for the 2ed Lamia Nox) so... take it XD

Chapter 2 Beta will released THIS WEEK!

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