I am amateur game developer, and even more amateur reviewer, currently in and out of college.

I am currently developing a game called Eternity: The Black Star along with Solitayre, which is nearing its first release.

I have extremely high standards, so please don't be offended if you believe that I have reviewed your game unfairly. My focus is on improving the body of a work primarily by pointing out what I think are its flaws, but feel free to ignore me if I am wrong (and I will be).



Visions & Voices Review

Whether that was its intention or not, the bush has earned my ire.

Interest Check for final leg of project

I would like to see this completed. It is in fact fun to play, and I think it would be worth taking the time to finish the last few floors and wrap it up.


I demand additional screenshots.

What is your personality?

Dreamy Idealist, same as Azn.

I always come up as strongly INFP with the Meyers-Briggs test.


My first and only real deviation attempt was to replace the single attack command with a set of skills used to attack instead, like Slash, Thrust, Uppercut, Downward Slash. That didn't go over too well. People just mashed the closest attack skill and then complained when it didn't do any damage. You see I tried to make enemies weak to certain attack types, but people didn't catch on. I guess that's bad implementation on my part. Oh well.

I think one of the best workarounds for attack spamming I've seen in an RM game lately is Rei-'s Ascendence. There is no attack command- instead, you use skills for all battle actions. On top of this, there's a very well implemented weakness tier, much like that seen in Fire Emblem, that makes certain attacks more effective depending on the enemy they're used on. You recharge your MP by guarding. I was pretty blown away with this system when I played the Ascendence demo.
Result= strategy required, no button mashing. Success!

Having played both Skie's game and Ascendence I must draw attention to the fact that both of these games used the exact same system and I found it equally annoying in both. Really all that's happening is you're changing it from having 1 Attack button to having 3-4 of them. I prefer when a game has skills resulting around interesting effects (the control one in Ascendence does qualify here), rather than just Damage A, Damage B, Damage C.

Futurama Mafia

#vote no lynch

We're more likely to hit a townie just lynching blindly on the first day.


I like ideas 1, 2, 4, and 5.

I'd like to see #1 more than anything else, and as for #5 I'd say only take consumables and make them as rare as seeds are currently.

As for your question on #2 I prefer method A, since a boost in a certain OOB would make me think about taking other characters, but having another party member absolutely excel in a skill I was terrible at would more or less force me to take them along. Though depending on the implementation I could see B working too (such as having other characters progress in their OOB skill as they level).

Futurama Mafia

I will give this a shot.

Your First Game

Glad to hear you liked the story, though I think it would need some work if I attempted to remake it (especially a lot of the detailed parts I did not mention). I'm actually focusing on another project that is vaguely related to that but disconnected enough to be played on its own. If you're still around when I finish it I wouldn't mind having some help, as that game is the one I plan to return to first before moving on to the sequels.

As for the Box thing, I haven't actually seen Logan's Run. Though if it has an interesting cyborg character I may have to get around to watching it for a bit of inspiration.