I am amateur game developer, and even more amateur reviewer, currently in and out of college.

I am currently developing a game called Eternity: The Black Star along with Solitayre, which is nearing its first release.

I have extremely high standards, so please don't be offended if you believe that I have reviewed your game unfairly. My focus is on improving the body of a work primarily by pointing out what I think are its flaws, but feel free to ignore me if I am wrong (and I will be).



Fallen-Griever's Review Thread

Just to note, Hali is still on the review staff. And I do take direct requests.

Anyway glad to see you're back, this site can always use more reviews. Hopefully we'll be seeing another game or two from you as well.

Edit: SNEWS does still exist. It's posted in articles (no idea where it was before), kentona even started an SRADIO recently.

Culture of crass, apathy and cynicism

What worries me is that so many people care more about crushing overconfident creators than nurturing (gifted) creators. (I use the parentheses because we could very well say nurturing creators, period.) Can we find out what would be latin for "Punish pretension first, award innovation second"? Because that should be the maxim for not just RMN but the entire RPG Maker community.

I'm just not seeing this on RMN. I can't speak for the rest of the community since I do not visit any other sites on a regular basis aside from some game browsing. What you see as crushing overconfidence I see as nurturing creators (my process personally being picking apart flaws, praising things I liked, and suggesting improvements where applicable). There's a reason I listed the flaw part first and if someone can't see why that part of a review is extremely important then frankly I feel kind of sorry for them.

Culture of crass, apathy and cynicism

Is that this community's root problem, the thing we have to go after, overconfidence? I would certainly think that caustic, cynical attacks on the creative outlet of others would be a more important problem to fix.

Personally, I've always felt overconfidence was a huge problem. Thankfully I don't tend to see much of it on RMN, but it's probably the most detrimental quality possible to prevent any kind of growth or improvement. When you start to think everything you touch turns to gold it is basically death for anything you will ever produce. In the worst case scenario you'll be creating mundane or generic games and think they are unique and special without even thinking about what makes a game fun. Not to name any specific places but if you've ever seen a site where the comments to most things produced are 'looks great!' or 'don't change a thing!' you'll come across such creations with frightening frequency.

I'm not kidding about the fact that we blast "caustic, cynical attacks on the creative outlet of others" from the site when we find them. If you think some review is unfairly harsh all you have to do is direct it to the staff. It's not like we have some crazy vendetta against certain members or games, if something is obviously hurtful and unhelpful we will destroy it.

Culture of crass, apathy and cynicism

Excerpt from a PM I JUST received from a user, which in turn was an excerpt from a comment he wanted to make on one of my game's reviews but felt reticent to, due to an understandable fear of entering a flamewar and the feeling that he wasn't going to change anyone's minds anyway.

I just think it's fascinating and definitely seems relevant to this topic.

I don't particularly find that bit of out of context information relevant to anything, unless you're suggesting that some reviews are created with the express purpose of stomping on someone's dreams instead of providing any kind of meaningful feedback to creator or player.

If that is the case please link the review so that the staff may take a look at it. These things do slip through the submission queue now and then and we have purged a few reviews for those reasons.

Back on topic...I have always been impressed by this community's ability to take criticism and use it to improve their games, and I really enjoy being part of that process. Personally I've never felt these feelings of apathy some of you seem to describe. I love making games, I love playing games, and I love talking about games. Sure I've seen other people who get bent out of shape over various things but frankly if you spend too much time dwelling on that you'll slide into apathy yourself instead of enjoying what you came here to do in the first place.

Basically, all I can say is here is lead by example. You're not going to convince some bitter or jaded member to see the light by telling them they should be more interested. If you make something truly enjoyable, somebody is going to have a lot of fun with it, and if a lot of people are having fun you won't have any trouble enjoying the time you spend in a community.

Alternative to battles

How about you have arguments instead !? Seems like a good idea, and pretty simple system to put in, though it'd probably only work for a joke game of sorts.

SRADIO #1: Release Something! X and Rants

I'd just like to mention that staff have zero control over the Misaos. We do not nominate games nor control voting in any way.