Diablo 3 console version

Yes, more of me babbling about Diablo 3, but this time, in a *gasp* positive way!

So, recently I installed D3 again on my PC, thinking that after all this time, the game deserves another chance, since it's a game I REALLY wanted to like, but couldn't. After two hours of play, I uninstalled it again, the game just couldn't keep me interested with all the bulls**t around(crap loot/AH, no offline version and online problems mainly).

But today, I stumbled upon a few articles about the CONSOLE version of D3, and most of them seemed to describe the console version as the definite/best/proper/non-beta version of the game, even stating things like "the console controls fit the game nicely, perhaps even better than mouse+keyboard","the game feels right" and so on.

I was intrigued. An offline version of the game, with much better loot, no AH ---> basically all I wanted from the start (because the core gameplay itself, the monster-slaying, was probably the only thing that felt right in the PC version).
I was pessimistic, and I still have lots of other games to play, but I gave in, I decided to give the game yet another chance. I went to the nearest store and picked up a PS3 copy.

And oh my god am I glad that I did. The game feels almost completely different from the PC version, even if it really isn't, just a closer camera, different control scheme (that after some getting used to actually works GREAT), offline version, better loot, and some minor tweaks (like the fact that healing potions restore 60% of your health instead of pre-set ammounts, FINALLY, this actually makes so much sense, on the PC version potions became worthless pretty fast)

It's amazing how new/exciting the game feels, I almost feel like I'm dreaming. I might actually play further than normal difficulty this time.

Now don't get me wrong, there are still issues, the story/presentation is still the same horrible mess(Azmodan and Belial just made me facepalm, Deckard's/Leiah's fate too), there are far too few usefull item prefixes/suffixes and unique items don't really offer much diversity like they did in Diablo 2. The maps are still the same: not randomized enough and after a playthrough or two you feel like you've seen it all, especially the outdoor areas that stay mostly the same. And there are slight problems with precise targetting (nothing I didn't get used to after a few dozen minutes though).

Can't comment on the skills and viable builds, since it seems that some are changed a little, some a LOT, but I would guess that with the better loot and lower CD on potions, more builds become viable in the console version.

And the dodge function is pretty nifty at times, and fun to use. The combat itself feels a lot different actually, I don't know if they changed the encounters/monster density, or if it's because of the control scheme, but I am much more invested in it.

TL,DR: The console version of D3 is (in my opinion) better than the PC version, with offline play/better loot and no AH. GET IT.
And since it's for consoles, if it still isn't your cup of tea, you can get some of your money back and sell it to a store. If you feel like Diablo 3 should feel/be much better than it is, give the console version a try. Seriously.

Differences FAQ:

PS: I am aware of the upcoming expansion/loot patch and the closing of AH in March, but they still decide to keep the game online, which for me is one of the major offenders. The console version will also get the expansion, probably just a bit later (not really excited about it, only one new class and story seems meh, but might get it if I get really hooked on the console version). It is not certain if it will get future patches, Blizzard and Sony are still sorting things out as far as I know. For now, the console version is where the real demon-slaying fun is at.

Wreck it Ralph - new Disney movie! ...about a video-game character?

Just discovered this while watching videos on the Escapist :

Seems like a pretty sweet movie for a gamer like me!

And it's also interesting, because "non-gamers" won't understand some of the cameos/references.

Dragons Dogma, anyone heard about this RPG from Capcom?

So today I just accidentaly stumbled upon a gameplay video of this game, and holy bonkers does it look good or what?!

Open world rpg, "Oblivion meets Dark Souls"... How did I not notice this game sooner? It releases this month :D Marketing fail?

Just finished the demo, and it plays pretty epic. Though the demo is just two big boss fights, so it doesn't show much of the open-world exploration.

Might actually buy it later (will be too busy playing Diablo 3), if it seems worth it from reviews (though I'm sure big review sites will bash on it for no real reason, *cough* IGN *cough*).

Diablo 3 Release date announced


While I hate many design decisions they made(I want my offline SP baaaack, /sob), I am REALLY looking forward to this game, since D2:LOD is my n.1 game of all time and I played it for thousands of hours over the years (only single-player too!).

These will be the longest two months EVER. Have to survive until then.

Anyone else really excited for this game (even though Blizzard pissed many people off with many changes)?

So, Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning

I've been keeping an eye out for this game, played the demo, and now, saw a review (even though it's from IGN, blah).

I'm sold, after being let down by Skyrim's PS3 version, and being frustrated with Dark Souls, this might finally be a great PS3 RPG I've been waiting for so long.

Even though the demo had some issues (mainly with the camera and sound), these should be fixed/removed in the final game, since the demo is from an earlier build of the game and doesn't include some fixes. My main problem was with the camera being too close at times, and being hard to control, but I'm hoping the devs listened to the many complaints of players on their forums (one of the devs made a specific thread asking players about their problems with the camera).

Anyone else excited for this game? I think the combat is quite fun and the graphic style is gorgeous, plus we can always use more epic RPGs with fun combat.

(Though I gotta say, the price is quite high in my favourite game store, might have to wait for a while before getting it :/ Damn PS3 and it's expensive games.)

Diablo 3 "vs" Torchlight 2

After checking some info about Torchlight 2, I'm kinda looking forward to it more than Diablo 3, even though I loved D2 and hated Torchlight 1....

Even though it will have lower production values (and will cost less), it will at least have all I want from an ARPG game.... Tons of loot (GOOD LOOKING loot, big plus compared to Torchlight 1), many builds to build, and above all, OFFLINE singleplayer, and offline/online full modding support. Unlike D3, where Blizzard just sent a big "FOCK YO" to all the players without decent and stable internet connection, and to all the people who like modding the game (which increased the replayability and prolonged the life of both Torchlight 1 and Diablo 2, a LOT). Not to mention all the other crap they are pulling off with D3... ("..we are discouraging solo play..", focus on PvP, less control about your own character growth, more of an MMORPG than an ARPG, real money AH...)

Few months ago, I thought I would preorder D3 and ignore T2 , but right now, I feel like I will definitely get T2, and MIGHT not even get D3.

Any other ARPG fans feel something similar? I know that D3 will be THE game (with the amount of polish Blizzard can provide), but the more info they release about the game, the less I want to play the game/support the developers...

Tales of Destiny/Destiny 2 question

Hi, I was just wondering...

I am currently playing Tales of Phantasia PSX version, loving it so far, so I will probably want to play another Tales game, either Destiny or Eternia (Destiny 2).

Just wanted to ask, can I understand/enjoy Eternia without playing Destiny first? From what I read, Destiny is inferior to both Eternia and Phantasia(psx version), so I was thinking I would skip it. And it seems Eternia takes place in the same world, but other than that, I didn't find any other connection.

Those are lenghty RPG games, so I probably wouldn't have the time/patience to go through all of them, and since ToD seems inferior to both....

Can somebody enlighten me a bit? :D

PS: Off topic, why are the world maps in early RPGs based on the real world? In Phantasia and Dragon Quest 3, the map is just the world map with some tweaks for example.

Favourite game reviewer?

Hi there, yet another of my question threads : Who's your favourite game reviewer (if you read/watch any)?

To start it off, I really like reviews by:

- Classic Game Room (HD), namely the recent ones, the guy has great accent, manages to make me laugh sometimes, and it's obvious he likes games a lot.

- Zero Punctuation, reviews done in quite a unique way. Almost always cracks me up when he's reviewing some game I played. One little problem is that there is no really punctuation, so it's sometimes hard to understand, especially when english isn't your native language

- RPGFan Reviews, I found a lot of great games just by browsing the reviews, sorted by rating

What's yours?

Looking for a RPG

So, I thought I'd try asking here, if anyone knew about/could recommend a game that has some or all of these specifics:

- Party based (not necessary, but prefered)
- Turn based
- No random encounters
- Platform: preferably PC (even old dos games), or SNES/PS1/GBA
- Dungeon crawler if possible
- more combat heavy than story heavy (less talking, more smashing!...I don't mind reading some text, but games like PS:Torment or KOTOR don't appeal to me)
- NOT a roguelike
- NO games based on the Infinity Engine (BG, Icewind dale etc)
- NO hybrids like rpg/strategy games (for example Shining Force or Fire Emblem)
- preferably fantasy, not too fond of sci-fi, I love mage characters for example
- preferably not impossibly hard, like for example Wizardry 7

Now I could list all of the games similar to the specifics I already know of/played, but I would certainly forget some, so just fire away anything that comes to mind. (but to name a few, Dragon Age, Dungeon Siege, Might and Magic games...)

I am looking for a game like that, though I'm probably asking for the impossible. But maybe something will come up that I haven't heard of or haven't tried. Do you know of any ? Post them here.

Maybe even somebody else will find this useful.

Which game was the biggest disappointement for you?

Title says it all, I recently remember how I got burned terribly by one game after being excited about it the moment it was announced.

Talking about Hellgate:London. After it's announcement, I, as a Diablo fan, was searching for any info regarding that game, since it was being developed by some of the same people who created Diablo. With Diablo 3 nowhere in sight, and no other decent similar games to play, I was reeaaally looking forward to that game.
Got into beta, and loved every moment of it. I preordered it. Then it arrived. Then I played the *** out of it. But once I got further into the game, it was obvious this was no substitute for my loot-craving soul, my hack and slashing needs.....

The game was repetitive. Buggy. Before a few patches, even unfinishable. The random dungeon generator was boring, and levels soon started to feel (and look) the same. Then came the subscriptions, monthly fees, and even lifetime subscriptions, which many people actually bought, before realizing the game was bland, unpolished, broken, and lacked content. Not to mention, single-player players were getting their patches too late, long after they were put on the multiplayer client (the game had different SP and MP versions).

Then Flagship Studios sinked to the bottom of the ocean, even with all the money they squeezed from people with their promises of "next diablo". The online servers and all the online-only content for subscribers (and all the lifetime subscribers) went offline, never to be seen again. Many people got screwed over. (luckily I didn't care for the multiplayer)

What could have been a game better than Diablo 2 itself, turned out to be a major disappointement. Since then I tend to be careful before getting excited about new games.

It's sad really, the game in it's core was fun and had so much potential.

Oh well.... Any of you experienced something similar ?
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