They told me I was mad when I said I was going to create a spidertable. Who’s laughing now!!!
Hi I do art mostly but also do games.

Please read my comic, Patchwork and Lace. It's about a Lovecraftian Disney Princess dark mage and her superpowered undead partner hunting monsters and being bad at communication.
Yume Wheeky
What do guinea pigs dream about? Probably not this, but just roll with it.



How to avoid becoming precious with an early project?

Join events. Then you're FORCED to do something small and quick!

Yume Wheeky

this is genius and amazing <33 my guinea pigs became ill and passed away just this last month, and it was horrible, but it doesn't hurt as much anymore to think about, and this game is all the joy of guinea pigs :-) i am really glad to play this game. i love the dedicated wheek button!

Oh no! I'm glad your pain is lessening. Losing a pet is always awful.

Thanks so much for enjoying my game!

Weird and Unfortunate Things are Happening

On one hand, I would gladly pay for this game, it is without doubt worthy of a price imho. It brought me 27 hours and 32 minutes of high entertainment on my first playthrough, and it would feel good to have a way to give back and help support this and future projects.

I'm gonna do this because uni is terrible at it:

Click here to rain big cash money on unity

You got home and suddenly your home bgm playlist starts, what is the first song that plays?

Release Maker Birthday~

Got the beta build up for Yume Wheeky

Edit: LOL I forgot that you have to submit the thing to the event I am not good at this

Weird and Unfortunate Things are Happening

The problem with this is I get drunk on power and then pull dumb shit because I think it's funny. It's why I don't help out here :(

Wait a minute. I keep this site as a joke and people are actually taking it seriously!

Nobody takes this site seriously.

No More Lonely Hearts!

I mean a tiny crow sounds amazing. A huge sparrow sounds horrifying tho :V

Weird and Unfortunate Things are Happening

The question being, do you WANT it to blow up on Steam?

No More Lonely Hearts!

that is either a tiny crow or a hueg sparrow