They told me I was mad when I said I was going to create a spidertable. Who’s laughing now!!!
Hi I do art mostly but also do games.

Please read my comic, Patchwork and Lace. It's about a Lovecraftian Disney Princess dark mage and her superpowered undead partner hunting monsters and being bad at communication.
Yume Wheeky
What do guinea pigs dream about? Probably not this, but just roll with it.



What Microsoft Font would sum up 1990's for you?

Times New Roman, or Arial

This TBH.

I think of Impact as more 2000s because of the rise of what were then called image macros and are now called memes.

I am back 3 - More Art - Progress Report? Kinda?

Bro we ain't paying you, you don't have to apologize for shit! You could spend a year sitting back and eating peeled grapes and that would still need no apologies, because you owe us nothing.

That being said, deffo excited to hear about progress!

What Microsoft Font would sum up 1990's for you?

In the 90s people used Comic Sans earnestly.

That is a timeless practice.

your game idea is too big

Why is my basic RTP games without any checkbox ticked already worth $1000. I knew I shouldn't have uploaded my games to rmn for free, I'm being scam on broad daylight!

It's not worth, it's cost.

Play my game... or else

Or else what?

Zelda series - Would I like them?

there's a reason that to this day, a lot of Zelda fans consider the N64 entries to be the best two of all time.

Because those were the games they played as children? :V

Zelda series - Would I like them?

I've only played the original and Link to the Past, and I will say LttP is THE FUCKING BOMB. Highly recommend it. Excellent fun.

Edit: Man, now I want to go play it again lol

[RMMZ] What's the alternative to YEP Region Restriction on MZ ?

My guess would be NOPE Region Restriction.


Eh, well the designs have been awful for the past while.. You can tell there isn't anymore passion in pokemon, it's all for the moneyz.

Ah, the heady days of such inspired designs as "a rock," "a bird," "a rat," and "some eggs."


A part of me wants to say that a player's instincts will tell them that robots are weak to electricity, if only because that's how Final Fantasy games have done it since at least 7. Maybe other games have that association too, I don't know/remember.

"Instincts" don't exist in video games, there's just tropes, and "Big Franchise did it this way" is a terrible reason to do anything.

E: This is not meant to be a direct argument this is just Sooz going off because that shit annoys me.