I've been toying with RPG maker programs for almost 12 years now, and my favorite is still RPG Maker 2000, although I know there's a fair amount of reason to switch up. I use XP once in a while, though I've not done much with anything after that. I'd like to think of myself as pretty skilled with the program, with a pretty vast understanding of the event system.

I've never submitted anything I've made online until now, though I've made countless 5-hour gameplay dungeon crawlers, nothing too substantial. I'm attempting to break that bubble for a lot of reasons. Mostly boredom.

I'm currently working on what I'm hoping will turn into a vast and expansive project of a good, open-world simulation game built entirely with RPG Maker 2000. If you'd like to get involved, give my demo a try, and then shoot me a message!
Untitled Sim Game Demo [...
An open-world Simulation game.