My only real problems with this game are this:

1. Your character's walking speed is way too fast when in town.

2. Some battles end at complete random before I defeat all the monsters.

3. WHY DOES SIMPLY MOVING MY CHARACTER AROUND DRAIN MY MONSTER'S MP!?! Unregenerating stamina is one thing, but that is just infuriating.

Demon Hunter

Where do I get the explosives to blow up the rocks?

Can't find user's games.

Great, I downloaded "The OutCast Rebellion" three days ago, the game crashes when I load the save file, and just when I come to look for answers, I learn he has deleted all the games he had made.


Can't find user's games.

Where are all of redwall10's games?
I can't find them.


Anything new yet?

Infinity IV: Open Source

Black Galax: Revert

Nevermind, disregard the last comment.

Black Galax: Revert

Sorry but I'm having problems again.
It seems like I'm the only one having this problem while everyone else has either already finished the game or has gotten past past the part that I'm stuck at and videos on youtube on this game are absolutely useless as I haven't gotten anywhere near the trial scene.
I can't figure out the four digit code to a puzzle that has somethng to do with a quote made by John F. Kennedy and "impossible things" and Isabel is no help whatsoever.
What is the code?

Black Galax: Revert

Could somebody please tell the answers to Lyeric's questions.
This dude is really pissing me off.


Whenever I look up a monster in the bestiary and look up their elemental affinities, the symbols (in the form of mushrooms, gems, different colors of oval shapes and different sizes of bubbles) confuse me.
At first the yellow oval seems to represent thunder and the charcoal grey oval represents darkness.
But after a fight with a scamp (whose weakness is ice) and a magifire (whose weakness is water,) it seems that the yellow oval actually represents ice and the charcoal grey oval represents water.

What does each of the symbols represent individually?