[Business] Need advice on good and fair rewards.

Hello guys and gals,

As some of you might or might not know, I’m currently in the last stages of preparation for my KS campaign.

The challenge I am facing right now are rewards. As you know, backers (the people who help fund your campaign) receive a reward in return. I’ve checked quite a few successful campaigns and read a fair bit about this but I still find myself dubious.

The thing is that it’s hard to have an opinion about something without getting external opinions at times. I have gotten very good ideas and advice about the campaign from other people, because they could spot things that I wouldn’t be obvious to me.

Anyway, to make a long story short, I’d like some advice about the rewards I’ve thought up of. I think some people here might have some experience with KS so they might be able to provide valuable input for someone who has very little experience in crowdfunding. So I’m basically looking for people with experience running or being involved in KS campaign or just people who have a good “business” sense (which I honestly lack).

I have included the presentation of my game between “spoiler” tags because I figured it might be relevant to people who haven’t heard about my game, “Super Toaster Guy”. If you have ideas and comments about the actual presentation, I'm also very interested in what you have to say.

Current presentation draft (the hide button doesn't work at home so let me know if it works on your end).:

Super Toaster Guy is a single player platforming adventure game for Windows reminiscent of Mega Man, Castlevania and Bionic Commando.

In the game, you take control of Pan, a sentient slice of bread and his powerful toaster suit on a quest to rescue the members of the Breasistance from the nefarious Doctor Dough.

The game presentation is essentially pixel art, the medium used in games Etienne grew up with which kept him company long into the darkest nights.

His love of cartoons eventually influenced him to specialize in animation which, he hopes, will greatly enhance the game’s presentation. Size does matter when it comes to graphics, even with something as small as pixels.

Here’s a sample of his work:

Are you the type of person who enjoys dancing next to their computer when playing a game? Well, you might very well do that while listening to the tasty tracks composed by Trevor Black!

Trevor has worked on various projects ranging from movies such as ''Kingsman: the secret service'' to other indie games likes ''One Final Contract'' and ''Rad Moon Rising''.

Art & Extras - 30% . This covers all of the sprite work, animation, level backgrounds, and other art assets. This fund also covers any unplanned extra expenses (for example if we go over in the rewards budget).

Income Tax - 29% . The evaluated amount I’ll have to pay the Canadian Government in taxes.

Kickstarter & Amazon - 10% : This represents the amount which goes to Kickstarter and Amazon (5% each of the target amount).

Programming - 10% . The costs of coding Super Toaster Guy by Greg. This includes fixing bugs as they come up.

Reward - 9% . This budget is to cover the fees for the backer’s rewards.

Music - 7% . The money required to finish the OST of Super Toaster Guy by Trevor.

Game Maker License - 6%: This is the fee for the Game Maker License.

The funds will be invested to create the rest of the game namely:

*8 stages full of pixel goodness.

*dozens of mechanized foes ranging from Jason Vor Eggs
to Deo Devil

*50 powers up to equip our hero Pan with.

*a funky soundtrack

*A dramatic story about the eternal conflit between mecha toasters and polymorph, evil dough.

From left to right:

Team Toaster:

Team toaster is an alliance of bread lovers united over the internet to conquer the world or make an indie game. We settled for making a game.

The (humble) Master Mind: Etienne Zizka

One of those so called French Canadian, Etienne has always been in love with pixel art and constantly have those wacky game ideas keeping him awake at night. Decided a game about a toaster would be cool and went ahead with it. Among his various neurosis, being a perfectionist is his best one.

The Bard: Trevor Black
Trevor has contributed to music departments on projects large and small, from this years "Kingsman: the Secret Service" to other indie games like "One Final Contract" and the forthcoming "Rad Moon: Rising." He even wrote a song about his friend's butt, but much prefers crafting toaster tunes!

The h4ck3r: Greg Hibberd
As an avid young British tech enthusiast, Greg is never one to back down from a challenge and what better a challenge than bringing life to a slice of bread? His adept programming knowledge is just what Pan needs to help defeat The Dough.

The Builder: Goulven Clech
While not occupied with training as a fire fighter Goulven is working on the assembly of all the bits and pieces created by his team mates to combine into an architecturally playable level… while getting intoxicated on lemon syrup.

This is the list I have right now (don’t pay attention to the graphics, it’s still under construction):

[Misc] Cool household weapons


I'm looking for some ideas for weapons made from household items.

For examples, a power chord which shoots eletric bolts, matches + spray as a flame thrower, etc...

I'm writing etc as I don't have too much inspiration at the moment. It can be a combination of different items to make a weapon.

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