...I'm getting my boyfriend to play this one. His name is Mat. It's PERFECT!!!

Mica: Apoptosis

I love the fact that there are 2 editions of "So You Want to be the Comic Relief"
Perfect! The fourth wall has been briefly broken!

1. It's similar, but different, if that makes sense. Ib took an Art theme, Mad Father took an undead uprising theme, Witch's House made a witch's house theme... You have the mechanics of a standard rpg horror, but you took a Witch Trials/Religion theme. I've never seen that in these games before. If somebody has, show me which way to go. I didn't expect the moon to disappear, of all things. This theme of conspiracy is rare in horror games, I think, where you're at risk of being misled on multiple accounts, because you're dropped in and don't know who to trust. That's why you're Mika in the beginning, because you can relate. You start off in the dark and start looking for answers. And when you find them, the demo's over. You found a way to keep me occupied. I didn't talk to my boyfriend for an entire hour because of your demo. And keep in mind, that's not even the whole GAME! One hour is the demo. I'm expecting at least 1 or 2 more hours of gameplay from here on in. I really, earnestly hope that you do this wholeheartedly. I don't know where it's going, but I'm with you in this journey.
2. Rainer was funny. Reminded me of Italy from Hetalia. I love Lenine. I'm pretty sure he doesn't get paid at all, which makes the joke hit hard.
Is this a recycling of the role of the Goddess's heir, which is why Micaiah is being targetted? What happened to the boy that Mika rescued? Is there something important in regards to Dai? And if Anyu is the messiah, who do we, as the player, trust?

I think that if the "things" can overthrow the princess, then the reign of religion can be stopped. The humans clearly aren't the only ones suffering. I hope that the boy can do something helpful for Mika in the recent future.

5. That little boy was interesting. For a while I thought that Castor was Euphy's brother because of the hair colors. I guess not.
6. I had to piece together in my head what was going on in Chapter 2. I got lost for a bit because of that and didn't know I had to read Castor's book. Once I did, I played through it like normal. I did like that Chapters One and Two occur simultaneously at one point.
It was a massive contrast in the Prologue and Chapter Two, because we go from a girl who's hated for her powers, imprisoned and removed from any chances of being freed to coincidentally encountering the strange boy, or as Castor called him, "the devil's rat" - to a princess who was given powers to use for what she had been promised was good, and there is a hint of laziness to her. One worked toward freedom and the other is being forced through hell. I can tell you won't stop there, and it makes me want more.

7. The one that set my heart racing was Lenine. I don't think any one is any more a protagonist than the other. From the preview of the full game, it seems like they're all going to endure their pasts in order to give us players a better understanding of their character, in terms of who they are and what they believe. For example, Mika is a little girl, a clean slate with no knowledge of what's to come. This experience can make or break her at any moment, but she still moves forward. Lenine was probably accustomed to working alone and encountered the princess. From what I saw in the preview, he probably HAD to go to the castle. He was the one going into
the Music Room
, since he wrote down a call to arms, in a sense. He's smart enough to not have underestimated
"the things". And the irony and subtle hints of Micaiah's world that it wasn't the truth really hit hard. Fleur seems like the kind of girl to remember her livelihood and for Rainer to be so worried about what was already actively part of her perspective was truly interesting to me. Micaiah, the poor dear, is having the wool pulled over her eyes, that nothing is perfect.

9. Rainer and Fleur, no doubt... I know people will ship Mica and Len, as well as Euphy and Len, but...I dunno,
I think an evenly-matched couple would be cool to see...An all-out battle between good and evil with Mica and Anyu. And as they say, opposites attract.
I figure Mika likes Dai, even though we don't quite know enough about him.
The game of hide and seek was. That creepy voice... The music.... The chase scenes are a bit...weird...Usually in these games there'll be something like when you hold a button you can run? It didn't seem like much effort was put in until the part where you run and the balcony's broken anyway, so you technically HAD to get caught. But...Mica holding back her potential at that point makes it a bit hard for me to trust her... There's something in there that I don't like, but I don't know what...

11. Aw god, that's tough... I think I was most invested in Lenine's story, but Mika's gameplay was the best. To be lurking in the shadows and hiding, having an inability to fight, that's pretty good in a horror game, because it creates a feeling of helplessness, where the protagonist can't hurt anyone; they can only run and find means of escape. Maybe it's because he's a male butler, but I like Lenine's story thus far.

Close Your Eyes: Redux

Cool! Can't wait. Glad I just discovered this


Ohhhh, he's adorable!

Sleepless Night

Oh man I remember this one! I played it on my phone. I loved all the ways you could die XD I finished the whole game in one day


I feel like a wimp...I need the code for 'Mother''s room, I need help with the teddy bear room and the door across from said teddy bear room. Last I checked, the guy in the mask was bashing his head against the bookshelf.
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