lol, thank you everyone!

Trempush's Music Thread

thank you! And yes, that is one thing I struggle with; having variety in a song. I figure it's a process and that I just have to keep practicing, but I try to challenge myself every time I make a song by putting more melodies in it. Stretching them out longer is another thing that's challenging for me, too. :)

And don't worry, constructive criticism is definitely welcome.


Thank you, will do!


Already did, in the music section :D

Trempush's Music Thread

Hello, and welcome! :D

I've taken to making music with synthesized voices (programs like UTAU and Vocaloid), but there are some things I make that I can't figure out what to put lyrics to for the life of me, and they always remind me of game music for some reason.

Hence why I'm posting them here as finished pieces.

If there is anything here that you would like to use for something, leave a reply here and tell me what you're planning on using it in; I'd be excited to know, and I will gladly give you the original MP3. I will also put your username next to the link to the song on here, just as a way to keep track of where stuff is going.

Style/making: I use a combination of VST's and loops to make these. Mostly VST's, but I use the one or two loops as a base, usually. Style is... well, I don't know, really. You can listen and tell for yourself. Questions about song materials are welcome and will be answered.

Songs with wordless voices:
Vast sky:
Racing Time:
Space Dream:

Songs without voices:
Adventure time!:

Update: just added 'Adventure Time!' short, but I can't figure out what else to do with it. :/


I'm Trempush, and I just rediscovered this whole RPG-maker business. :D

I knew about it/used RPG maker 2003 back a couple years ago when my sister and her friend got into it, and then I dropped it 'cause it was confusing. Now I'm back and it's not as bad as I remember it being (I've already got a map and a semblance of a plotline). Probably because I'm not brand-new to it, but hey, whatever works, lol.

My other interests include making music (I use Magix Music maker, UTAU, and Vocaloid for the most part), and fanfiction-writing.

...and that's about it.
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