I'm ValisFan. I used to go by the name RPG Cove on GamingW. I made a few games, Comradis and Trap and Search. But now, I am working on a non-linear game similar to Fallout 2 or Elder Scrolls on RPG Maker 2003.




RMN must be glitching. I'm the one who made this blog post for my own game, but somehow, it wound up over here.


I really liked the orginal design of Sozora more, I liked her tough girl look, and her messy hair and clothes.

Lands of Lore

I got "system4 file could not be opened"
Probably still has something to do with RTP though.
EDIT: I got it to work and it's good. Gold accumulation kind of slow. Went off into the woods and got near death and I still couldn't afford anything to heal myself. I probably just went off too early. Map design is good, but consider changing the font.
Thanks for playing. As for wealth collection, I made it so that the thief will have the best wealth collection, there are plenty of things to steal and the thief has the best theft skill.

Lands of Lore

I tried to play the game, but it failed to start.

Sorry, it shouldn't fail to start. If you got an error that says "xxx file is missing," then you probably want to download the version that includes the RTP, its in the downloads section.

Sozora's Labyrinth

I downloaded the demo of this game, I thought it was very pretty, it reminded me a lot of Tohou. I really liked the battle animation sprites, especially Jean Sozora. I hope you are not going to over extend yourself.

Lands of Lore the name is already taken

Although I think your concept and demo are awesome.. I never liked the name anyway. Pretty generic and forgettable imo, but that's just me.
Yeah I made it generic on purpose because I didn't yet have any idea what the storyline will be like. I choose to make the first word and the second word start with the same letter because it was a throwback to Dungeons and Dragons, Might and Magic, Trolls and Treasures, Wizards and Warriors, and all those other games that had the first and second words start with the same letter.

Lands of Lore

Long shot here.. But is Crimson Minotaur an obscure reference to House of Leaves?
No Crimson Minotaur is supposed to be like Red Bull. Red = Crimson, and Bull = Minotaur lol.

And Idida1, yes I will make gender choosable., since RPG Maker 2003 RTP already comes with resources for both genders of the same class. The male and female genders will both have the same stats.

Lands of Lore

I finally got to play it!
I'm definitely getting a Daggerfall vibe! It's actually really fun to wander around town doing silly stuff...
I'm ashamed to admit that I got my ass handed by rats on the basement of the fighters guild haha.

what are your plans for the future of this? perhaps another demo sometime?
Thank you for playing it. I do plan on releasing another demo. But I am busy with other things, like finding a job, and drawing my webcomic. (its not released yet.) If I get a good amount of interest in this project, then I will outsource parts of the project like building dungeons and battle balance to members of the community.

By myself, I can probably only create a maximum of 3 cities. Since each city is more detailed than the typical RPG Maker city. It seems like people mostly enjoy the quests in the cities and don't care as much about the fields and dungeons.


Besides the floating woman and a couple of clashing sprites (roofs, well, trees, the mapping looks pretty good.

The floating woman is there because she walks randomly and just happened to walk into the door as I took this screenshot, lol. As for the graphics, I'm trying to avoid using ripped graphics and graphics that are already commonly seen in RPG Maker games. Every chipset uses tiles from several sources so it doesn't become obvious which games they come from.

Lands of Lore

I get an error :(
"the file system4 cannot be opened."

Does this mean I have an incorrect rm2003 rtp? if so... where could I download the right one?
I mean I have played other rm2003 games... :(

Sorry, you probably do have the wrong version of RPG Maker 2003 RTP. But I have included a download which includes the RTP. It should appear on here in a few days. You could also find the RPG Maker 2003 RTP by searching "RPG Maker 2003 RTP" on Google and clicking on the first page.