I'm ValisFan. I used to go by the name RPG Cove on GamingW. I made a few games, Comradis and Trap and Search. But now, I am working on a non-linear game similar to Fallout 2 or Elder Scrolls on RPG Maker 2003.



Lands of Lore

You can join any faction in the game as any class. You can do the same thing in Elder Scrolls so thats why I made it that way.

Your skill roll is affected by both a stat (Intelligence, Agility, or Maximum MP) plus your skill, and then I make a roll that ads a number between -5 and +5. So if your combined Intelligence and lockpicking skill is 10, the maximum roll you can get is 15 and the minimum roll you can get is 5.

Lands of Lore

I quit shortly after I got killed in the woods :P But I joined the thief's guild, saved the burning mage, managed to steal a lot of stuff, saved the girl's cat. Got that maid's golden plate and whole bunch of other little things.

I love how genuinely interactive it makes the game world.

You find yourself actually giving a shit about what your character can do/does and actually giving a shit about the NPCs - That's the main thing.

(Oh I don't know if Fallout had it or not 'cause I've not played it myself.. But "Save Anywhere" could break your mechanics quite a bit if somebody was persistent enough to keep spamming "dice rolls" couldn't it?)

I made it save anywhere because Fallout and Elder Scrolls both have save anywhere. You really can't abuse the dice rolling system because if your skill is too low, you will not succeed no matter how many times you try. Like if your trying to open a door with a 20 difficulty, if you have a 5 lockpicking skill, you will never be able to open that door without raising either your lockpicking or intelligence stats.

Which class did you choose at the beginning? I'm planning on working out balance in battling later on. And there will be joinable NPCs in the game too, because battle with only 1 character is pretty boring.

Lands of Lore

Looks like this could be interesting. Subbed.

EDIT: Just had a quick go on the demo.. Although there's tonnes of broken things and unfinished things and the like.. It's actually REALLY entertaining and the systems work brilliantly. I'm kinda shocked nobody has done this before.
Thanks for testing out this game. I'm glad you had fun. What were your favorite quests or things to do?

I actually think making a sandbox game like this is easier and more fun to make than a standard linear jRPG game. Cutscenes especially take a long time to make in RPG Maker. I don't really have to worry about making a complex storyline here, I can mostly focus on the gameplay. But there will be a storyline later on.

Lands of Lore

Downloads are coming soon.

Testing non-linear RPG mechanics

I don't think this is really appropriate for a blog post yet because I don't even have a name or a story for the project yet.

Testing non-linear RPG mechanics

I'm ValisFan. I used to go by the name of "RPG Cove" on GamingW. And I made 2 games before, Comradis and Trap and Search on RPG Maker 2000. The old RPG Cove website is still up.

I'm making a new non-linear sandbox type game in RPG Maker 2003. If you've played Elder Scrolls: Morrowind or Oblivion, Fallout 2, or tabletop RPGs, then this should appeal to you.

Similar to Fallout, this game will have a skills system, where you can use skills out of battle. The skills I'm using are Theft, Lockpicking, Athletics, Speechcraft, Alchemy, and Barter. You choose your hero class at the beginning of the game, and each character has a differenct set of skills. For example...

Here, the thief rolls a 15 to steal a sword.

And its a success

However, the sorcerer has a much lower theft skill than the thief, so he rolls a lower number to steal.

As a consequence, the guard notices him.

And attacks.

And just like in Fallout or Elder Scrolls. You can kill the guard and take the sword, in fact, you can kill nearly every NPC in the game! There are many items to steal, many locks to pick, potions to brew, NPCs to talk to. I really am trying to model this game after Elder Scrolls Morrowind. So far, in the demo, I have made a castle with a few quests and items inside, a forest village, where you can join the Fighters Guild, Mages Guild, and Thieves Guild. A forest will plants you can pick, to make potions with, and a cave.

I basically need people to test the demo, try out the classes, do a few quests, join some guilds, and test out the skills systems. In more detail the skills are

Theft- Steal items without getting caught.
Lockpicking- Pick locks on doors and chests
Speechcraft- talk to people, learn their secrets or some advice
Barter- gain extra money when buying or selling items
Athletics- climb cliffs or buildings
Alchemy- not yet implemented, but it allows you to create potions using plants

I've done all this in a matter of about 3 weeks. I designed this project so that I can easily include maps and quests from other people. Because I don't intend to complete ther entire world by myself. It would be fairly easy to let others design a few dungeons or cities and quests, since this is a sandbox type game, it really does not have a concrete story path that HAS to be followed.

If I get enough interest in this project, then I will release a template game that easily allows assigned members to create entire sidequest lines, so I can expand the world to make it more open ended like Fallout.

Here's the download, don't mind any errors, since this is basically just a pre-alpha used for feedback and to generate interest in a sandbox RPG for RPG Maker 2003. Give me your feedback on if this is a good idea, and is this something which you would be interested in making a few maps and quests for.
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