Phantasia 5

Wow, wasn't expecting a quick reply. Thanks for letting me know what that skill does.

Phantasia 5

Hey, I have a question. What does Hazel "Overtime" Skill do? It doesn't explain in the skill description and nothing happens in combat.

Secret of Stormlot 2

I was waiting for this. Glad you finally released it. I was hoping you would of Maybe put a recap of the first game in the intro because I forgot what happened. I guess I go replay the first and come back for this.

Secret of Stormlot

Thxs for the Tip. I beat the guy easily after spamming berserk. Now I progressed pretty far into game and I ran into a bug. I learned the spell "Esuna" with Sharna. Now the problem is everytime I cast it on a ally. It puts them to sleep. It doesn't remove their status ailment. I was hoping maybe you can fix this. Also again, Im really loving this game so far. Great characters and story.

Secret of Stormlot

Hi, I love this game so far. The story is really good but it pretty tough. Im stuck on the battle where I have to fight a soldier in order to rank up. Im lev 12 and I have all the best equipment I bought from the shops. The battle so far has been really tough. The soldier is doing too much damage in so little time. The hp potions I have is too weak. The HP i recover is too little compared to the damage the solider is dealing to me. Im wondering if im under-lev or maybe the guard is too high a level.

Story of Integra

hey im stuck. Im in capitol and im supposed to find a thief in order to break into a place. Now i searched the entire docks and i explored the sewers. I don't know where to find a thief.

Eternal Destiny

Hey i hope you read this but this was a great game. I hope you make another :)

Chrono Alter

hey lance, i hope you read this but do you know where each of the ultima weapons are?

Silent Hill Revelations

There no text showing up :(.
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