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Our Dear Family
A girl lost her mother, can you help find her?


[RMVX ACE] Looking for a Team!

~Warning there will be spoilers~

Hi there! It's Zeebree, and I have come to the realization that I can't make this game of mine on my own, so i'm looking for people to recruit and venture on to help me make this game!

Our Dear Family is the game, I have provided multiple screen shots of what the beginning of the game holds since I haven't been able to make sprites and other artwork as I wanted it to look for the game...

I do provide story plot, map plans, character details, and cg.

I am having trouble with:
Spriting and pixel art(advanced): I mostly need help with the character sheets and furniture/room rtp

Story Progression: I have basic story plotlines for the game, but I need help with the flow and certain events.

Character Designs: With multiple characters in the game to interact with and battle, its quite a challenge to come up with creative and unique designs for each person, I have some designs for some, but input and other ideas are always open as well

Scripting(advanced): this is for misc. stuff to make it look neat and original as possible

My price range depends, but please be reasonable.
I will give credit for any help you give me, I will give a thank you note, as well as a free illustration of your favorite character of the game exclusively for you ;) (note: if you do post the picture to the public please give me recognition)

The game's genre is horror/mystery
It will have a battle system for there will be multiple bosses.
Might have a chase scene or two, not entirely sure though
Will also include a slight visual novel feel to it with certain scenes.

The story bases around a girl named Kaz who's 15 turning 16. She has a genetic disorder called "Alexandria's Genesis" which causes her skin to appear more pale and her eyes to have a purple tint to it. She always has a reoccurring nightmare where this dark women with a bloody smile takes her away in this gooey purple hole, the night of her birthday is where everything changes where she wakes up and seems to not find her mother only to face her fears and go into the surreal world of horror and sin known as Phantasma. Everything is not what it seems for the life of Kaz, with your choices and actions, only you can decide whether or not you can figure out the full truth behind where Kaz's mother is and her family's past.

7 of the 8 bosses are based off the Seven Deadly Sins, and you will have a choice whether to kill them off or sacrifice their sin to turn them into a virtue.

The world of Phantasma has different cities (levels) to go through, along with hidden places to explore and more!

Curses, Despair, Sins, and Family Tragedies.

Demo Screenshots:

[RMVX ACE] An Idea I want to come to life.

Hiya there!

I've been putting bits and pieces together of a story I want to make into a game, but I want to make more out of it, I am not going to give in too much details because then i'd be spoiling too much, but at the same time probably not.
Yes this is going to be my first time making a game period and I know people are going to say to not go for a huge type of game, but i'll take time and dedication just to go through and make a long story-driven game that'll pull in players from across the web...

The name of the title is simply "Our Dear Family" for it's own reasons, mostly obvious.

It'll be more of a mystery/adventure type game with a little bit of horror elements to it.

The protagonist of the story is a 15 year old girl name Kaz Vir who has "Alexandria's Genesis" which caused her eyes to be purple, and her skin to have a grey tint to it.
Here's a sample of what she looks like: I'm basically going to change her outfit since I think there's a more suitable look for her.


In the game there'll be various places to explore,

There'll be the protagonist's home which will be a decent sized cabin that's surrounded in a huge forest, there's also a little backyard area which is in front of a cemetery (which'll be the family cemetery?)

Then there's the surreal world of Phantasma, which has 10 realms inside that world, realms 3-9 will have bosses that will relate to a specific sin; Wrath, Sloth, Gluttony, Envy, Pride, Vanity, and Lust in that order.

Phantasma is in dire need of help, for the heart of their world is growing sick and dying.
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